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Children and EMF Radiation

Research studies have shown that radiation penetrates into children's brains more easily than in adults. The majority of all body/brain development takes place during sleep - as does healing. This makes it very important to keep your baby/child's bedroom clear of Electromagnetic Radiation.

What can you do to protect your children?

  • Put your WiFi on a timer! Buy a simple lamp timer. Plug it into the wall, and then plug your router into that timer. Set it so it goes off at night when you're not using it, and comes on in the morning when you will need it again.
  • Buy a BioElectric Room Shield for their bedroom. It's also very useful to have in any room the family uses often.
  • When they attend a school with WiFi, get them a Level 2 Shield to protect them from the negative impact EMF has on learning and concentration.

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