World Health Organization - WHO - No Longer on the Fence, Cell Phones Possibly Cancerous

They also report that Electro-smog is affecting upwards of 30% of people. Many people who are affected have no idea that it's the EMF that's making them sick.

WHO CellPhone Cancerous

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Committee Resolution 1815; World Health Organization's International Agency on Research on Cancer (IARC) Classifies Radio Frequency EMFs as Possibly Carcinogenic

(This article comes to us courtesy of Oram Miller, a long time friend of BioElectric Shield. Although we go about protecting people from EMF from different aspects, we have been pioneers in the industry. We started to rewrite his article in our own words, but he says it so well. We trust your eyes will be opened)

God bless the Europeans! They have consistently been ahead of the curve on the EMF issue, way ahead of our own country's corporate-owned media and industry-influenced regulatory agencies, and they've done it again.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the 47-member Council of Europe passed a resolution on May 27, 2011 recommending sweeping changes to the way cell phones are used, how they are marketed, and how safe exposure limits are determined.

WHO Reverses Their Position on EMF and Cancer


Read more about Electromagnetic Sensitivity and its possible impact on your health.

These findings bring the entire issue finally to a new level of credibility. Until now it was far too easy for warnings to be dismissed as implausible or even silly. But that's no longer the case, WHO, Parliamentary Council and our own FCC have made statements that there are serious health concerns from cell phone, WiFi and all wireless or "always-on devices".

If you've been trying to explain the dangers to people and they're turning a deaf ear, please pass these articles on. Statements from WHO, the FCC and the Parliamentary Council finally bring this subject into the main stream, and it's no longer just us pioneers out there beating our drums.



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