Study Shows 50 Minutes on Cellphone Can Alter Brain Activity

By Julie Steenhuysen – Tue Feb 22, 5:39 pm ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Spending 50 minutes with a cellphone plastered to your ear is enough to change brain cell activity in the part of the brain closest to the antenna.

What the study does is to show the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from cellphone exposures."

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Note: It's clear we aren't going to be giving up our cell phones, and the cumulative long-term effects may not start being clear for another decade or even two or three. Do you wait until the studies are clear? You could be one of the statistics. We advise using caution and as much to reduce exposure as possible.

Is there a safe way to use your cell phone?

Here are some tips for safe cell phone use.

Because of the prevalence of cell phones and wi-fi, it's more necessary than ever to take steps to Shield yourself.


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