No Comfort in Inconclusive Findings of Interphone Study



Avid cellphone users shouldn't relax based on conclusions of the largest study ever conducted to determine if there is a link between brain cancer and the radiation emanating from the technology we use, state an analysis of the study.

Biases in the study, however, prevent a "causal interpretation" that would directly link cellphone radiation to the tumor.

The largest Internet Study to date, has been shown to be fatally flawed - - Click to Read Article by Magda Havas Lessons from Interphone Study

Despite the flaws, perhaps there is data here that would have been taken more seriously if the study had been done properly. 

Read a few of the articles about the study

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No Comfort in Inconclusive Findings of Interphone Study

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From the BioInitiative Report

Study - Our Cellphone safety standards are off by about a billion percent! A Research Report from The 2012 BioInitiative Report

Sperm are fondly remembering the “good ole days” - More Research from the BioInitiative 2012 Report





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