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Are cell phones safe? Growing Evidence says NO.

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  • 30% increase in brain tumors in recent years
  • Safey standards were created before we had Smart Phones and WiFi.
  • EMF blockers may allow you to live life more comfortably, with less of a risk to your personal health.

Don't wait to become a statistic. Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation. Consult the Buyer's Guide to Reliable EMF Protection


Electromagnetic Sensitivity - Perfect Storm Warning

  • Have you noticed the severe increase in recent years of cell phone usage? Combined with the uptick in digital technology around the world in general, it is a recipe for disaster if you suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity.
  • Electromagnetic sensitivity is a disorder that is characterized by severe sensitivity to the electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines, cell phones, laptops, TVs, and other devices. Symptoms include fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, heart palpitations, anxiety, and numerous other issues. While it is not an official disorder recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is a harsh reality for many suffering.
  • While it may be impossible in today's society to completely disconnect from cell phones altogether, you should limit your use as much as you possibly can and invest in good cell phone radiation protection.
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Effects are Cumulative

Just like with smoking, asbestos, lead, artificial sweeteners, how long will it take to reveal the true effects of prolonged exposure to EMF? On September 5, 2015, World Health Organization (WHO) called for the recognition of EMS: electrohypersensitivity as worthy of inclusion in the ICD, International Classification of Diseases. The safety standards are now outdated, since they were created before we had Smart Phones and WiFi. You should not wait to become a statistic. Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation -- simply consult the Buyer's Guide to Reliable EMF Protection.


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  • Please do not keep your phone in the bedroom. Sleep is when your body conducts "rest and repair" functions.Cell phones emit steady radiation whether they're in use or not, disrupting this repair/healing time.
  • Do not use your phone as your alarm clock
  • Avoid electromagnetic sensitivity by eliminating or reducing the effects cellular phones- particularly while you sleep.

EMF Safety with EMF Blockers

  • We always advice you get complete a complete EMF Blocker for your body.
  • You can also get cell phone radiation blockers and laptop radiation blockers. Cell phone radiation protection is especially important today due to the proliferation of mobile devices.
  • Doctors report that there has been a 30% increase in the instance of brain tumors of unknown nature in recent years, and many in the electromagnetically sensitive community link it back to lack of EMF protection.
  • Even if you don't own a cell phone, you likely have them all around you, which means you are still subject to their electromagnetic fields. While most doctors recommend keeping a cell phone at least an inch away from your face as you use it, some scientists believe that even that isn't enough.


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