emf protection for cell phones

EMF Protection for Cell Phones

EMF Protection for Cell Phones EMF protection for your cell phone is important because your cell phone constantly emits EMF radiation even when you are not making a call.  You…
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Can EMF Cause Anxiety

Can EMF Radiation Cause Anxiety?

Can exposure to EMF radiation cause anxiety? EMF radiation from all our technology, gadgets, Wi-Fi, and cell towers can trigger anxiety.  Usually, we assume that if we feel anxious, there…
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best emf protection

EMF Protection Products

EMF Protection Products How do you determine the best EMF products for you?  There are three “best EMF protection” categories to consider: best EMF products to shield your body, best…
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Family in EMF Protection bubble

What is EMF Protection?

Example showing the bubble of energy created with full-body EMF protection What is EMF Protection? EMF protection uses devices or materials that can block or reduce electromagnetic fields or the…
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EMF Blockers for your home

EMF Blockers for Your Home

EMF blockers for your home Some people choose to use an EMF blocker as a way to reduce their exposure to radiation. Others use an EMF blocker as a way…
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