Are you feeling like a Raving Lunatic – the Stress of the Holidays?

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Woman in Santa hat with mouth taped overIf you don’t want to end up like this poor woman – taping your own mouth shut to keep from screaming, check out our tips and thoughts about reducing the stress of the holidays.

Is your head reeling with all the things on your list (or lists)? Heck, can you even keep track of the lists?

Are you finding fighting traffic, crowds, and just trying to find a parking space to be frustrating?

Are you worried about how to make the money you have to go around to cover gifts, holiday entertaining, decorating, party attire, and all the other things that come with this season?

Do you have challenging relatives or friends?

Are you trying to make everyone happy? Note, this is usually impossible and is an exercise in futility and leaves taking care of yourself pretty much out of the picture.

Is your schedule totally disrupted with parties, shopping, travel, decorating, holiday cooking, friends, and family?

Along with all this, is this a busy season for your business?

Are you eating right or grabbing things on the run, and having one too many drinks or goodies? All these things add to the stress of the holidays, and can rob the joy out of it.

Be honest, how many of these things contributing to the stress of the holidays did you answer yes to?

Every year we write an article about ways to de-stress your life and get through the holidays with more ease. I was getting ready this morning to start writing when I got an email from one of our distributors, Glen Depke, a Naturopath who writes a Wellness blog. Dr. Depke mentioned that he’d had two patients come in this week saying they were raving lunatics. In his blog, he brought up something I hadn’t thought about in relation to holiday stress and that is that the stressors in our lives can seriously “jack up your hormones” affecting functions throughout your body in a myriad of negative ways that just increases the stress.

Sadly most of us can’t take a vacation to a remote island for the next month, so what else can you do? And, anyway, don’t remote islands also have Christmas?

The number one line of defense to reduce the stress of the holidays, and the rest of the year is to wear your Shield. It’ll help you stay more centered and focused AND deflect the stress of those around you.


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And, did I mention….Wear Your Shield!

Tips to De-stress & Stay Safe during the Holidays

Slow Holidays: A Survival Guide for Sensitives, HSPs and Empath’s

5 Tips for a Joyful Holiday and Beyond

Stress isn’t just for the holidays, here are some tips for the rest of the year. 

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  • Here’s another article about Holiday Health I found…please feel free to add your links here. http://www.allaboutyou.com/health/health-advice/Christmas-health

    What tips do You have that have helped you through the holidays?

  • Although I have found the BioShield to be a huge help, giving up on a lot of the “shoulds” is also huge.

    I gave up a lot of the hustle and bustle years ago – cut decorating down to a minimum, bake only if I feel like it and give myself lots of quiet time.

    It was such a relief the first year I gave myself permission Not to go buy a tree and decorate and just put up a nice decoration with wreath and candle. Christmas dinner is a potluck if we even have people over at all.
    Christmas cards are definitely a thing of the past and so many other “must dos”, if it doesn’t bring me pleasure, I don’t do it.

    But first and foremost quiet time.
    What have you found that helps over the holidays…or any other time of the year.


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