ADHD and Pesticides Linked in pediatric study


strawberryDear  Friends,

Pesticides have yet again proven to be a culprit in ADHD. The Pediatrics Journal published a research study in May, 2010, linking ADD have high levels of organophosphate pesticides. This is the type of pesticide found in trace amounts on commercially grown fruits and vegetables.

This study is just now getting out to the public.

Researchers measured levels of pesticide byproducts in the urine of 1139 children
from all across the USA. The children with above average levels of this commonly
used pesticide were more than TWICE as likely of getting a diagnosis of ADHD.

The problem is how organophosphates affect the human nervous system. Toxic
enough to kill veggie and fruit pests – they also end up being toxic to human
brains. We all know that kids are more sensitive to toxins – and obviously
receiving dose after dose eventually starts affecting the brain.

If a family can eat organically, this reduces the problem. You don’t know
what your child will consume out of the house, or at other kid’s homes, but
if your child has ADHD, this is one area of vigilance that could be rewarding.
If you’re not eating organically, many health conscious groceries (Whole Foods
etc) sell a fruit and vegetable wash that can be sprayed on the produce. Scrubbing
the outside of the food is advised!

Three cheers for organic food – and thanks to the networks for bringing this
to the attention of the public.

If you want to watch the video clip – here it is: CNN Report on ADHD and Pesticide Link


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