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Autism Video Shows Dangers of High Electromagnetic Fields in the Bedroom and Workplace can affect the brain of your unborn child!

As we all know, the rates for autism have sky rocketed in the last several years.

Electromagnetic radiation appears to be one of the culprits in the ever increasing numbers of children with autism spectrum disorders.  In an 4 minute interview with Dr. Mercola,  we hear Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt review a simple research study he did that demonstrated that pregnant women who sleep or work in a strong electromagnetic field environment (WiFi, cellphone in the bedroom, working on a computer, talking on cellphone, being in WiFi during day, etc) have a higher chance of developing a child who later becomes autistic!  

Even if you are not pregnant, it’s good to ask – “if EMF is harmful to a fetus, then what is it doing to my brain and my immune system”? To get those answers, see our Cell and WiFi Article section.

How can you help your children who already have developed ASD?

You can reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation, right now. 

In April, 2015, we introduced 2 new special BioElectric Shield matrixes. One is designed to help anyone with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the other one is designed to help anyone with Asperger’s.   If you haven't heard of the BioElectric Shield, it is a physics based pendant that can be carried in a pocket or worn around the neck, which reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation that reaches the body and the brain. 

We have provided our research-based protection for both children and adults for more than 25 years. Results have been excellent.

Our co-founders, a Chiropractic Neurologist, and an Occupational Therapist, worked with our energy consultant to create 2 special Shields designed to help either the ASD or Asperger's individual.

This ASD Shield does the following:

  • The ASD matrix Shield is designed to help to realign and clear some of the passages in the brain.
  • It will help balance the person at mental, physical and emotional energy levels.
  • It will provide EMF protection, and may help with certain aspects of life including focus, staying calmer than usual, be more aware of their own space, and may help balance out some anxiety.
  • Results will vary depending on the person. It will help different individuals with certain aspects of life.

To find out if this Shield will help you or your child, we suggest you take advantage of our free photo analysis service that includes an evaluation by our energy consultants. The Occupational Therapist, Virginia Brown, will be your contact for this evaluation.

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Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy Can Seriously Damage Your Baby

Specifically, mothers who used mobile phones were 54 percent more likely to have children with behavioral problems.

When the children also later used the phones themselves, they were:

  • 80 percent more likely to suffer from difficulties with behavior
  • 25 percent more at risk from emotional problems
  • 34 percent more likely to suffer from difficulties relating to their peers
  • 35 percent more likely to be hyperactive
  • 49 percent more prone to problems with conduct

The results of the study took the top scientists who conducted it by surprise. The research will carry particular weight because one of its authors, UCLA‘s Professor Leeka Kheifets, had previously been skeptical that mobile phones could pose a risk to health.What's the Link Between Autism & EMF Exposure During Pregnancy

What's the Link Between Autism & EMF Exposure During Pregnancy

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