WiFi Making Child SickIs WiFi Making Your Child Sick or Causing ADD/ADHD?

WiFi at home and school is something that is causing serious concern for us and many parents.

Why is this a problem?

Children’s brains are much thinner and absorb EMF up to 60% more than an adult, in younger children the radio wave penetrates almost through their entire brain! Read more about studies of children's brains and cell phones.

In the long term your children's exposure is much greater than yours. By the time they are adults, many of them will already have used their phones or been exposed to WiFi for 20 years. Studies are showing that usage over ten-years greatly increases risk...we have no idea what the ramifications are of usage almost from birth.

It's sometimes difficult to get all worked up about something that may not happen for 20 years, but there are also short term issues. EMF – electromagnetic radiation – has been linked to ADD/ADHD and even autism syndrome and some kids are getting sick Now, not ten or twenty years in the future.

Just a few days ago I posted a testimonial from a mother whose son had ADD/ADHD and was seriously disruptive in class. His problems started at age two when watching television resulted in temper tantrums the following day. “For six years, we had reports from the teachers that our son, "John" now almost 10 years old, was difficult to handle at school. He required a disproportionate amount of their attention and had a lot of behaviors that looked like ADD or ADHD.” Five weeks after wearing a Shield, his mother reports that he’s no longer having problems in school and their home is much calmer as well. These are the stories that warm our hearts.

Yesterday I came across a news article about a six-year-old boy who was having visual problems and difficulty sleeping. Doctors at the Sick Kids Hospital were unable to diagnose the cause. A company called EMF Solutions Canada found that his bedroom was a hotspot for WiFi. Within days of turning off their WiFi at home his Symptoms disappeared.

All was well until his school installed WiFi and his symptoms returned.

“We are getting reports from parents that their children are going to school and not feeling well since Wi-Fi has been installed,” says Dr. Jennifer Armstrong of the Ottawa Environmental Health Clinic. “Obviously not everyone is affected, but the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Wi-Fi as a class 2B carcinogen.”

Dr. David Mowat, medical officer of health for Peel Public Health, says the vast majority of the scientific community believes there is no evidence radio-frequency is linked to adverse health effects. “We do not have cause of concern,” he says. Read full article and watch video report.

Therein lies much of the problem, as we’ve said many times, exposure is cumulative much like Tobacco and Asbestos. If some kids are getting sick already, just imagine what the effects of another 10-20-30 years of exposure might be.

We know you want to take care of your children


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