Is it ADD or EMF Sensitivity CloudsIs it ADD, ADHD, or EMF Sensitivity?

Two of the major symptoms of ADD and ADHD are inattention and inability to concentrate. These are also symptoms of EMF sensitivity.

  • Many children (and adults) are being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD due to their issues with focus, but often times do not have the rest of the symptoms.
  • They report feeling their brain is in a complete fog.
  • Even completing simple tasks seem impossible at times. It’s like they are in a daze and not really grounded here on earth.

Reports show that ADD affects of 1.6 million children

Between 1.5 and 3% of the population is EMF Sensitive. Between 3 and 5% of American children are affected by ADHD. 

Dramatic Increase of ADD/ADHD/Autism/Aspergers

There was a dramatic increase in ADD and ADHD cases, as well as Autism and Aspergers, at the same time that we began using cell phone, computers, tablets and wi-fi almost everywhere. Children have their own cell phones and spend a good share of the day “wired”.

Our environment, including schools, libraries, and hospitals, as become inundated with technology and the evidence of wide-spread issues is just now getting to the point where we can more clearly see cause and effect. It’s more than possible that at least some of these kids are EMF sensitive, not ADD or ADHD

Chronic Fatigue and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

At about the same time there were huge increases in the reports of people with Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and EMF Sensitivity – the suggestive part is that many of these issues have similar or overlapping symptoms.

Click here to read a list of symptoms – how many of them apply to you or your child. If you answer yes to a large number of them, then you may actually be experiencing ADD/AHD, if not then your problem could just be your body’s reaction to EMF radiation.

What if the EMF Radiation in our environment is a contributing factor to ALL these conditions?

Click Here to TAKE A QUIZ to Find out what Your EMF PROFILE - it's based on your exposure levels (via WiFi, computers, smartphones, etc.)

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Read more about ADD and EMF Sensitivity in story by Elizabeth Maxin, author and holistic health practitioner 


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