Electromagnetic Sensitivity – Protection from Smart Meters & 5G

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Electromagnetic Sensitive – Protection from Smart Meters & 5G is essential

Protection from Smart Meters & 5G is essential If you are electromagnetically sensitive – ES. It can even be life-changing!

Are these two technologies dangerous? Are they likely to impact your health? Probably. There are health risks with both technologies. 5G is a military technology that has been used for crowd control because the millimeter waves can heat up your skin and produce extreme discomfort. To read more about both of these technologies, please visit our Smart Meter Protection blog, which answers all these questions.

Why is it important for you to understand 5G and Smart Meters?

You may not get symptoms with the installation of either a Smart Meter or 5G, but your body may still be impacted, and the long-term affects are still unknown. Remember when smoking and Asbestos weren’t yet considered dangerous? We are at that same place again, we are the guinea pigs and it may be decades before the impact is fully known. In the meantime, those who are most sensitive and vulnerable are being impacted in noticeable and even devastating ways.

We urge you to read more about 5G because if it comes to your area, your health may be affected, either now, or down the road.

We are receiving phone calls from customers who notice their health has been impacted by Smart Meters, and now that 5G is in their area, they have more symptoms.

A great analogy for this is how our teeth do – or do not – show us there is a problem. Much of the time, if a person has a dead root, they don’t realize there is a problem because the nerve to the tooth has died. It is only if the gum flares up, or your dentist tests your root, that you will know you have a dead tooth. EMF radiation effects are like this too. Since EMF radiation is invisible and rarely felt, most people have no idea what it is doing to their bodies.


The BioElectric Shield Company, in consultation with EMF experts, has compiled a list of recommended strategies and products for Protection from Smart Meters & 5G . Click here

Why does Dr. Martin Pall warns 5G is Stupidest Idea In the History of the World?

Smart Meter & 5G Protection Products

Products for People with Electromagnetic Sensitivity – ES – EHS

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