WiFi Radiation Protection

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Wifi Radiation Protection – Should You Be Concerned?

wifi radiation protection

WiFi Radiation is invisible

It might seem simple enough to arm yourself with targeted radiation protection for your phone or tablet to reduce the potentially damaging effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation from electronic devices. But what about the sources of EMF that you can’t see?

WiFi signals may be convenient, but they also rank very high in EMF radiation emission.

Many people leave their WiFi running all day and all night long as it transmits signals — and EMFs — to multiple devices throughout their homes.

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other “smart” meters may all be simultaneously contributing to your family’s levels of EMF exposure.

Wifi Radiation Protection for your home?

However, you can provide WiFi radiation protection in your home by hanging a room shield in every susceptible area of your house, office, or vehicle where frequencies are high. Each room shield is designed to neutralize the EMFs and balance the energies of a space up to 30 feet in all directions.

Room Shields provide Wifi Radiation Protection

Some people choose to utilize WiFi radiation protection only in the most sensitive room wifi radiation protectionareas of their homes: the computer room, the nursery, or the living room, for example. Others may find it beneficial to get a room shield for their car, especially in electric cars with large batteries. Additional WiFi radiation protection in the office might lead to less stress and a more productive atmosphere between you and your clients or colleagues.

How will this benefit you and your family?

Chronic exposure to EMFs may lead to prolonged physical, emotional, and psychological distress, especially for young children whose bodies and brains are still developing. Though WiFi has become an inescapable presence in our culture, from the coffee shop to the subway station, there are still ways to make good use of WiFi radiation protection when and where you can.

Want to learn more about Wifi radiation protection?

Three Ways to Learn More:

Click Here To take our EMF Protection Quiz to see what level of WiFi radiation protection you need. (Your answers about your exposure and sensitivity determine what recommendation you will receive.)

Contact us at BioElectric Shield (541-201-8878 or 866-567-8909) to learn more about full-body protection, targeted protection, and room shields to keep you and your family healthy and happy for life.

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