Tools to Stop Energy Drains for HSPs and Empaths

Highly Sensitive People - Empaths

Tools to Stop Energy Drains for HSPs and Empaths

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AnnaMariah’s Story

I am an empath. Here’s something I’ve learned over the years – wearing the EMF Shielding BioElectric Shield does a lot, but it cannot stop you from certain almost automatic behaviors. Many of us are sensitive enough to sense when people are in pain. At times, we reach out energetically to help them, often taking in their pain, emotional trauma etc.

Wearing the Shield had improved my life tremendously giving me resilience and strength and shielding out a lot of the stuff. But I would still energetically envelope some of the people who were in distress, energetically trying to help.

I must say I was resistant at first, feeling those emotional connections was like breathing to me and I was afraid to cut myself off. Terrified really.

The Pause that Refreshes!

My life changed after I started wearing the BioElectric Shield. I didn’t notice right away, but after awhile I realized that when I was wearing my Shield, there was there was a Pause between the impulse to reach out and “take in” someone else’s energy and pain and the actual action. In meditation circles, this is known as the Gap, the silent space between thoughts.

Our energy consultant has watched sensitive people wearing their Shield. She says it calms and balances our energy to the point where we can become much more conscious of this Gap. It’s easy to facilitate by simply taking a breath.

When I realized I could pause, I began paying attention and pulling back my energy. Instead of taking in their pain, I simply listened and gave them a sympathetic ear, or a hug. The difference in my energy level and ability to not take all that in was amazing. I do still find at times with people I’m really close to that I can still get sucked in but even then I don’t hold onto it.

Tools to make your life easier and more fun!

Tools To Make Life Easier

Find out How Sensitive You Are to People, Places and Situations

      • Are you an empath or Highly Sensitive Person?
      • Sometimes feel overwhelmed by your environment or other people
      • Need to retreat to recharge or feel things more than others?
      • May also be sensitive to WiFi and other sources of EMF

You will learn about how sensitive you are in six energy subtypes. You’ll get tips in each of the six areas on how to make your life smoother and easier.

After you take the HSP Quiz, go Back and take the EMF Quiz and get an evaluation of your EMF exposure and a recommendation for the level of BioElectric Shield that would be most beneficial. We’ve found that many HSPs are also more affected by electromagnetic radiation from our technology.

  • If after taking the EMFQuiz, you want more feedback on what style BioShield would work best for you, we offer a free personalized photo analysis – also feel free to call us and discuss your situation, the recommendations based on exposure are usually pretty accurate, but some HSPs and empaths have slightly different needs.

  • If you are quite empathic to other’s energies and moods, there are some other helpful resources that I recommend.

  • Dr. Michael Smith, Empath Connection has a Toolkit that I’ve been told is quite helpful from a number of customers who are using it. Dr. Smith also wears and sells the Shield.

  • I’ve personally found the books by Rose Rosetree invaluable. In reading her book “Empowered by Empathy”, experiences that had always puzzled me, suddenly became clear.

You can call us too – we’re happy to speak with you about your situation. (541) 201-8878. 

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Do You Need to Lock Your Heart Away?

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