Electrosensitivity and the Boiled Frog Syndrome

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Boiled Frog -  by DonkeyHotey - FlickrTitleAre you Suffering from Boiled Frog Syndrome?

by Electrosensitivity Support – ESS

Our exploitation of electricity and its manifold uses for energy and communications, following Faraday, Maxwell and the other scientific pioneers from over a century ago has been manic and extraordinary. And still nobody has ever seen any!

But it ain’t half good ma!

Most fantastically useful stuff around, totally essential in our own bodily atoms, molecules and nervous communications and also to exploding galaxies across the dark infinity of the cosmos.

Electromagnetic forces are the fundamental of the universe, matter is composed with it, space is full of it, and the sun sends it to us for free. No way do we really understand it, we have barely begun, apes playing with fire have nothing on us today, we are apes playing with the basic dynamism behind everything.

This is not hyperbole or exaggeration, we evolved as part of an electromagnetic universe but are now living in an artificially generated radiation stew of our own making, as the modern built environment. See “The Boiled Frog Syndrome” ISBN 0-470-84553-8 by Thomas Saunders

“A frog jumps into a pot of water which is gradually being heated. As the water gets warmer, the frog adjusts its body temperature and continues to adjust to the increasing water temperature until ultimately the frog is boiled alive”. Read Wikipedia explanation

500 people are telling me they feel like these frogs, somebody notices it first, we are not all built the same.

Louis Slesin, editor of ‘Microwave News’ says in the preface to

“Dr Robert Becker’s prescient book ‘Cross Currents’ (ISBN 0-87477-609-0) was published twelve years ago and has even more resonance today as our environment becomes increasingly saturated with electromagnetic signals. Today, some 150 million Americans – and more than a billion others worldwide – regularly use mobile phones, irradiating their brains and their eyes.
…the ambient microwave levels in urban areas are now ten times higher than in the pre-wireless age..”

This was before the massive global expansion of the last five years.

“The experience with power-line electromagnetic fields strongly suggests that we should be paying more attention to the possible health impacts of mobile phones. When Dr Becker was writing this book evidence was accumulating that power-line EMFs are linked to cancer. Though the electricity utility industry denounced this association for years…”

And there is our dilemma over ‘the science’ in a nutshell. Positions are taken according to interests and paymasters, not only on ‘the science’ and evidence itself.

In 2001 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) unanimously classified EMFs (electromagnetic fields) as a “possible human carcinogen” with some panel members arguing that the scientific evidence warrants an even stronger public warning. (Note Read Updated Report 2011

If such EM fields can promote cancer as leukemia among children, what else can they do?

Well 500 people are telling me it makes them ill with a range of similar symptoms to each other, as Dr Becker knew, but few authorities want to know.

And scientists argue, and say more research is needed, they always do, if they listen at all.

A handful of dedicated researchers are following in Dr Becker’s footsteps and are trying to work out how weak fields influence living systems, it is an uphill battle. He was twice nominated for the Nobel prize, many believe he was such an upright standing nail the industry and their friends were out to stop him getting it.

NOTE: Article originally quoted in 2008 – as of 2013 we have been unable to re-locate website – ElectroSensitivity Support ESS USA: http://www.electrosensitivity-support.com/  If you Google Electrosensitiity support you’ll be surprised at all the links you find.

 Here’s is a list of Global EMF Websites courtesy of the EMF Safety Network

Shield Yourself.  Tens of thousands of people have been relying on their BioElectric Shields since 1990 – See wearer reports.

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If you’re sensitive to EMF you may also be sensitive to other people’s energy and stress

EMF may be harming your children and even a factor in ADD/ADHD or Autism

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