WiFi in our schools – How to protect your children and grandchildren

Children and EMF Protection

WiFi in our schools – How to protect your children and grandchildren

Wi-Fi internet is in most of our homes, hotels, airports, public buildings and offices. Now it’s going into our schools. Why is that a problem? WiFi technology is used by mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth, video games. It’s safe, right? No….it’s NOT SAFE.How to Protect Children from Wifi

Consider these facts:

On March 19, 2012, France banned WiFi in their schools. Why? Because too many children reported headaches, light-headedness and palpitations while in school. Symptoms disappeared at home where there was no WiFi. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, member of Doctors for Safer Schools, is lobbying to enact the same regulation throughout Canada. (See video).

    • The European Union is considering a ban on all wi-fi in schools. It’s not practical – so it hasn’t happen yet, but now more parents seek protective devices for their children 
    • British Expert, Dr. Barrie Trower,a scientist who worked for the British Military Intelligence, specializing in microwave and stealth weapons, emphatically state that our children should not be exposed to WiFi in the schools.
    • He reminds us that the World Health Organization has created an category of illness called electro-sensitivity (EMS), thus admitting that exposure to EMF can be hazardous to our bodies. The Irish Doctors association believe that at least 15% of the adults in Ireland suffer from EMS

 (photo courtesy of The Telegraph archives)

  • Children’s bodies are FAR more sensitive to exposure to EMF. Dr. Trower feels that between 15-75″% of our children are at risk for developing electromagnetic sensitivity from repeated exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

  • The Public Health Department of Saltzburg has warned that WiFi should not be put in schools or nurseries.
  • The Frankfurt City government said they will not install WiFi in the schools until it is proved harmless.

What we know about children’s brains:

  1. Children’s brains are smaller than adults, contain more water, and conduct electromagnetic radiation more efficiently than adults – thus they get a stronger, faster dose.
  2. Scientists discovered that in a call lasting only two minutes on a cell phone can alter the natural electrical activity of the child’s brain for up to an hour after the call. Doctors fear that disturbing the brain could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems as well as learning problems. (Source: The child scrambler – What a mobile can do to a youngster’s brain in 2 minutes, UK Sunday Mirror, April 1, 2004.)
  3. Children absorb more radiation than adults.  A 5 year old absorbs about 60% more radiation than an adult .
  4. Dr. Om Gandhi at the University of Utah reported that the eye lens of a child will absorb 5x more cell radiation than an adult eye (1996)


WiFi uses microwaves to transmit signals. Microwaves have been used as weapons for several decades, and the symptoms of people who were sent microwaves (Hear Dr. Barrie Trowe describe this) coincides with symptoms people are reporting with WiFi exposure.

  • Dr. Magda Havas explains that federal guidelines are based on a thermal (heating) effect. If the radiation does not heat up your body it is considered to be safe. This is not true. There is ample evidence (BioInititive Report 2012) that biological and health effects occur well below the thermal guidelines.
  • The symptoms reported by both children and adults is virtually identical to the radar operators during World War II.
  • How much proof do we need to realize we need to product ourselves from the many sources of radiation in our homes, schools and workplace?

Protect Your Child – Actions to take before you child goes back to school

  1. Commit to protecting your children – and yourself.
  2. Choose a BioElectric Shield. The Level 2 Shields are an excellent choice for children. If your child has ADD/ADHD issues choose one of our Shields which already has the ADD/ADHD matrix placed inside of it. (It does everything a regular shield does, plus a focusing element)
  3. Want to make absolutely sure you choose the best Shield for your child? Use our free photo analysis service. A former pediatric Occupational Therapist, and our energy consultants will review the photo and the written answers you provide about your child – his school – his time around WiFi, and on the computer, and make a recommendation for the best Shield for him/her. (You can also send in your photo and information)
  4. Limit the time he/she is on the phone – and ALWAYS use the speaker instead of having them hold it to their head
  5. Turn off your WiFi at night – OR get a Room Shield for each bedroom- both for you and your children.

    Order Shield Now

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