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EMF Dangers & Research

Cellphone Radiation Damages Human DNA 
BioInitiative Report 2012 Reports Findings

DNA-400-2With Credits

Cellular Stress, triggered by EMF, can make you sick

Has anyone heard of cellular stress? In a 22 page report referencing 64 studies point to the rolel of EMF in prolonged cellular stress. The report is called; “Evidence for Stress Response: EMF-DNA Interaction by Dr. Martin Blank. Dr Blank (1), a cellular biophysicist, summarized research, including some of his own studies, that came to a rather stunning conclusion.

Cellular stress can eventually trigger heat shock proteins to release in your body. Over time, if this happens repeatedly, your health can be affected.

Mobile phone companies have developed safefy standards for cellphones that are based on the production of these heat stress proteins. Read on to see why it’s NOT a good way to rate mobile phone safety.

How does cellular stress relate to cell phones safety standards?

If you remember Star Wars, Darth Vader sent missles to destroy Luke Skywalker. EMF is the equivalent of Darth Vader.

darth vader 150

When your cells are attacked by EMF, they create stress proteins to protect themselves.

HSP (heat shock proteins), are the body’s response to chemicals, toxic metals, changes in the pH or other physical stressors. Similar effects were reported with RF (radio frequency) fields.

After several studies came out, government agencies decided to use the triggering of these heat shock proteins to determine the new safety standard for exposure to radiation. They called the rating SAR.

SAR is the measure of the rate of absorption of RF energy in the body. The lower the SAR rating, the safer it is for your body – it means your body is less likely to respond by creating HSP’s (heat shock proteins).

Cell Phone Safety Rating Standards are Flawed

cellphone userWell, it turns out only using RF energy to rate phones is a huge mistake. In 1994, Goodman and Blank (2) did a research study that should have rocked the government agencies to their core.

What they found was that individual cells are FAR MORE sensitive to EMF than to all these other stressors, and are triggered at levels more than a billion times weaker than the other factors. This means that cell phone safety regulations are completely inaccurate! They aren’t even measuring the correct frequencies.

Stress Proteins are critical to your life and health

And the other thing we need to know is that proteins make up about half the dry weight of a cell. Instead of just heat shock proteins being created, the body is creating an entirely new protein they call a stress protein. They are only needed when the cell comes into something so nasty that it is damage macromolecules- and guess what DNA is – it’s a macromolecule.

 (Representation of a stress protein from euarch.blogspot.com)

Your DNA isn’t dancing, it’s uncoupling – and this can eventually cause cancer

We all know that DNA is this very amazing double helix structure that is critical for keeping everything going the way it should in our bodies. Until EMF came along, an invader would have to get through several layers of tissue to get to the DNA, and rarely did this happen.


Enter EMF, the villain which is able to penetrate cells and interact directly with DNA. Because of its coiled pattern, DNA is able to conduct electrons which give a pathway for EMF to create molecular damage (uncoupling)in our DNA, perhaps only slightly changing it each time, but the cumulative effect is worrisome.

Cancers are believed to be the long term result of DNA errors.

Living cells are constantly dividing, creating new proteins and DNA. Small errors can be fixed by our bodies by simply causing cell death (of the bad cell), but if the error rate continues to grow, eventually mutations occur which alter the healthy balance in the body. These mutations can even inactivate tumor suppressing genes, thus allowing for tumor growth.

The very standards being used to determine safe levels of radiation exposure are based the old information that only points to thermal effects on cells, instead of EMF.

Since EMF can affect cells at a billionth of the strength required for thermal effects, isn’t it time to update the standards for safety? EMF safety standards need to be biologically based instead of restricted to damage with RF. The repeated low-level exposure of EMF has been shown in several studies to interact with the DNA molecule. The coiled-coil (repeated coils within coils)nature of the DNA molecule turns it into a fractal* antenna that attracts even very low levels of EMF. Our safety standards are outdated and do not include the most pervasive threat, which is EMF, not just RF. To read the entire BioInitiative Report, please visit: http://www.bioinitiative.org


1.Martin Blank, PhD, is part of the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.

2.This study can be found by going here: http://www.bioinitiative.org/table-of-contents/ and look for section 7, which contains Dr. Blank’s report *fractal meaning the repetition of patterns – like the coils DNA photo credit – www.efffective.com


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