FoggyBrainAre you suffering from Foggy Brain?

Our world is progressively more complicated and fast-paced and, depending who you’re talking to, it is either increasingly exciting or unbearably frightening. The stress and chaos can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and foggy-brained.

Do you have a foggy-brain?

Okay so maybe foggy-brained isn’t a word, but I’ll bet you know what I meant. When you are stressed out, research has proven that you become “stupid”. Another name for that is Brain-fog. Brain-fog can dull your performance and enjoyment, sap your strength, and even leave you feeling depressed and out-of-sorts. Brain-fog is a symptom that your biofield is overwhelmed. Brain-fog also goes beyond the brain; it tells you that your biology is unable to handle everything coming your way.

Here’s something that has been happening more and more frequently lately. We keep getting calls from people who were doing okay, and suddenly they find themselves in physical, mental or emotional breakdown. Seemingly without warning, randomly, they are spacey, exhausted, emotional, have headaches or other body pain, irritable, not sleeping or depressed, and in a general brain-fog just to mention a few.

Brain-fog seems to be topping the list in a great majority of cases. Many of these people realized that the brain-fog and other symptoms coincided with a change in their life, a new cell phone, installation of a smart meter or a new car or other electronics in or near their home or work. Others were completely baffled until we started talking about their lives.

When Does Foggy Brain Mean You Need Help?

Why would this one little change cause them to go from “fine” to trauma or melt-down so quickly? It’s called a toxic load. Your body is under stress, but it’s maintaining. Then one new factor is added that tips the scales and overloads the circuits. Unfortunately, a strange thing occurs, removing the tipping factor, the item that caused the breakdown, doesn’t have much of an effect, the problem persists and may even continually get worse.

How can that be? You would think that taking away the new source of pollution would re-establish the status-quo, but that’s not necessarily true. Once your body has gone into overload, it often becomes more vulnerable and sensitive to everything. You need to do something to help re-balance and repair your system.

Is this you?

Are you suffering from the dreaded foggy-brain? Does your mind feel like Seattle in the springtime, feeling like the fog is rolling in and may not lift again until fall? Okay, so it may not be that bad, but you may have some of the symptoms and not even realize it: forgetfulness, feeling spacey, an inability to think clearly, mild depression or anxiety, lack of focus or concentration, difficulty thinking clearly or making decisions, even lack of spatial awareness. No, this does not necessarily come with age.

What causes this then if it’s not just age? Stress is number one on the list. Other possible factors are dehydration, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, food intolerances or sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, metal toxicity, information overload, poor oxygenation, job or money stress, structural misalignment, other people’s stress and fear and……….yep, you guessed it, Electromagnetic pollution. One new pollutant that is causing huge health issues are Smart Meters.

What help can you get?

  •  EMF – The Shield deflects and neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation. (This comes from computers, cell phone, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, power lines, baby monitors, Blue Tooth, your Smart car or electric or hybrid cars, cell towers, television, smart meters…..the list is endless. If it plugs in or has a battery it is emitting EMF (electromagnetic radiation.)
  • Other people’s stress, negativity, and fear – The Shield deflects these draining energies away from you allowing you to be in a more centered and balanced place, and not get pulled down by your environment.
  • Stress – When you are stressed, your energy field gets out of balance. The Shield gently helps guide it back to a more balanced state reducing the effects of stress both mentally and physically.
  • Emotional or Spiritual Energetic Shifts – the Shield can help you move gracefully through these shifts as it continually helps bring your energy up to the next highest level. The Level 3 and 4 Shields are especially attuned to this type of energy balancing and support.

If you are experiencing fogginess in any form, a Shield may be what you need to restore clarity.

How can you find out what you need for your foggy brain?

It’s easy, take our EMF Quiz and see if energy protection is what you need. The Quiz takes 10 minutes. Or, we also offer free photo consultations to help you determine if the Shield may help you get back to clarity.

You deserve and need clarity in your life.

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