4 Household Items in Need of EMF Protection

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It wasn’t until recently that the true dangers of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) came into question. Likely due to the surge in electronic devices that people are now constantly surrounded by, EMF radiation is not only prevalent but more dangerous than ever.

EMFs pose a serious threat because they essentially disrupt electrical communication between cells in the body, such as brainwaves or the firing of neurons. They’re so dangerous, in fact, that they can efficiently harm cells at levels a billion times lower than any conventional heating.

The potential consequences of EMF radiation are suspected to be neurological and behavioral changes, altered cell growth, cell mutations, chronic fatigue, and — in extreme cases — cancer.

However, the real question isn’t what EMFs can do to you, but what devices pose a threat without sufficient EMF protection?

    • Laptops: Laptops are not only dangerous because most operate on WiFi — meaning signals are constantly being transmitted in and out — but because most people come in very close contact with them; namely, by setting them in their laps.Men may actually be at an even higher biological risk from laptop radiation effects than women. A 2012 study analyzing the impact of WiFi level laptop exposure on men found that after just four hours, the participants experienced a decrease in sperm vitality.


    • Tablets and digital readers: It might be far easier to use one device to store and read all of your books, but the consequences may outweigh the convenience. Tablets are particularly more dangerous because they also use WiFi. Like laptops, the shear exposure received from coming into contact can be very concerning.


    • Appliances: That’s right, standing in front of your fridge for ten minutes deciding what looks good could actually be doing damage. However, your fridge is not alone. Virtually every electronic appliance in your home emits some level of electromagnetic field. Each time you use your toaster, oven, or radio, you’re putting yourself at risk.


  • Cellphones: Considering the vast majority of people live with their cellphones in direct contact — or at least in extremely close vicinity — to them at all hours of the day, cellphones may be the biggest threat to EMF protection. After all, the device is typically less than an inch from your brain when calling people. Unfortunately, of the roughly 6 billion phone users (up from 2 billion in 2006), there is very little indication that people are even aware of the dangers EMFs pose.

With children and even infants now using these devices, it has never been more important to protect children from EMF. Even just a few EMF protection products could save your life and your children’s lives.

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