Are you a Quester? Do you dare to change?

Stress Vs Empowerment

ChangeAsGoodAsARestQuesters: Daring to Change

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are living in a world of ever increasing change. I’ve been talking a lot lately about fear and how the Shield can assist you in moving through fear. With the Shield you’re no longer dealing with the fears of the planet and everyone on it. After we’ve released fear, we’re more able to deal with changes and challenges.

The interview with Carole Kanchier below about change seems especially appropriate at this time of year. The New Year always seems to bring us to a point of reflecting on the year past and the year we’re moving into. Sometimes we view the coming year with excitement, other times with trepidation and worry about all the changes that are coming. This year with a new president about to be inaugurated, I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit of both. Carole’s work shines a new light on the subject and I believe it will help people embrace the fact that change can be an adventure, part of a quest for a more meaningful life.

The BioElectric Shield can help this process in several ways.

First, the Shield helps to balance your energy field. As you deal with change you come back to balance and stay more centered and grounded.

Secondly, some people have found that their intuition seems stronger when they are wearing a Shield. If that’s the case for you, you may find it easier to determine which changes feel intuitively strongest.

Third, the Shield will assist in deflecting the fears of those around you. If you’ve ever had the experience of attempting to change and then having friends and family, out of fear and concern for you, try to get you to go back into your box, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. By deflecting their fears and concerns, the Shield allows you more clearly to deal with your own choices without having to fight against those around you. Many people have been dissuaded from doing something they instinctively knew what right for them, when they were bombarded by the fears and concerns of others.

By maintaining a healthy boundary, it’s easier to make changes and discover new possibilities.

May your quests be joyous.
AnnaMariah (BioElectric Shield Company)

Questers: An Interview with Carole Kanchier, PhD
By Faye Mallett

Carole Kanchier PhotoCarole Kanchier, author of Dare to Change Your Job and Your Life, is uniquely qualified to write and talk about change. With over 25 years of demonstrated success in the career, psychology, education and business fields, she has researched career/life transitions and counseled individuals experiencing change. In an interview for the Galt Global Review, she discusses the connection between career and life transitions, and the people whom she calls “Questers.”

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For more information about Carole and her work Questers Dare to Change

Get a BioElectric Shield today, it will help you remain balanced amidst the chaos and change of everyday life. Who know it may give you the courage to………the possibilities are endless.


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