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By now you’ve read a lot about the Art of Attraction. Many have found that a lot of the techniques leave out an important part of the puzzle, using your emotions to energize the process. It takes more than just doing affirmations.

Add some extra “juice” to the process by really envisioning what it will feel like when you have that result. Here are some examples:

Do you want a new job? Imagine how you feel when you walk into the office every morning? See yourself as ….enthused, happy, warm and fuzzy, enriched?

Hey – does this really work? My story:

(Here’s the good news, you don’t need to have ever experienced this before in the workplace. You can actually focus and manifest something completely new and powerful. Don’t believe me? Trust me, I’ve done it several times and it works.

The times I was just focused on “a job” I got just that, a job, and it wasn’t at all what I really wanted or needed and I was miserable. When I’ve included the feeling part, the end result was always better than I’d expected.

New home? Same thing, how does it feel when you walk in the door? Is there a lot of light? Do you feel relaxed and nurtured? Are you entertaining friends?

Let the Universe, God, spirit, whatever you call that force, guide you. Pay attention to little clues along the way. When you ASSUME the Universe is a friendly place – you are the one that has changed what can come to you. You’ve opened the doors! In a mood of tremendous gratitude, Seeing and Feeling what you want sets the Universe in motion to deliver it to you!

Patience – did we mention it can take some TIME for your dreams to manifest? It can be minutes, days, weeks, or even months – but have faith – keep seeing and feeling what you want. Know that this or something even better for you will show up.

Another Story: How Rhianna got her house

A good friend of mine in her 30’s was ready to buy a house more than a year ago. She visited countless places, and even put in 3 different offers on homes she was SURE would be just perfect for her. They all fell through. She wondered what she was doing wrong and frankly, was a bit discouraged. She was SEEING and FEELING her perfect place, nothing was materializing.

I recall saying, “it’s clear the Universe has something much better in store for you. Perhaps the owner isn’t quite ready to move – please just be patient and KNOW that your dreams will come true. Just keep believing – keep seeing and feeling yourself in a new home you totally adore.

And now – for the happy ending…. In November she found her dream home, and on January 2nd, we had the pleasure of touring her new place. What she told me was that she had been given EVERYTHING on her list – an acre of land, outbuildings, a convenient location, perfect garden soil, and a view of the mountains. None of her other 3 houses that fell through had all those features. Yes – dreams come true to those who fix their eye firmly on their vision – and SEE and FEEL the joy of it in a mood of gratitude. Go for it in 2011!!

Sometimes the clues show up in strange ways, a book that several friends mention, then you see a tweet about it, there’s a review, it may even literally fall off the shelf at the book store, etc. Then you turn on the TV and someone is either talking about the book or the subject of the book. Assume there’s a reason it seems to be in your face, read it.

Some of you may not fully trust your intuition or instincts. I know, I know, you’re thinking about all the times you made the wrong decisions and are afraid to do so again.

I don’t feel there are any wrong decisions. There are two possibilities for the “wrong decision” issue.

1. You weren’t really allowing your intuition to guide you. Instead, you were playing the pro vs con game and listing it all out and making the decision based on what you THOUGHT made the most sense. You may be shocked to know this, but your brain frequently doesn’t have a clue as to what you really need in life, it’s making choices based on the past, not what could be. On the other hand, your Intuitive self knows where your soul wants to go and will guide you. And guess what, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense at the time, but will later.

2. Maybe those “wrong decisions” weren’t really wrong. Think about the situation from your current perspective. Did that decision teach you something, guide you to someone you needed to know, get you to a new city where you made important connections, help you realize that this isn’t what you want in your life? The list can be endless when you really think about how each step you take can lead to the next step and the next one, finally arriving at where you need to be. It frequently isn’t a straight line, but if you think about it, it was probably an interesting adventure.

Adventure?? I hear you, it may seem like more of a disaster than an adventure, but see if you can shift your perspective on it. A grand teacher I had many years ago defined everything as an adventure and encouraged me to go for the Grand Adventure and not settle for just okay. You know what? Just that simple shift changed the path of my life. I gave myself permission to follow my intuition and jump, and a grand adventure it has been.

Maybe you’re new to following your intuition. You may not be at all sure if that little voice you hear is your intuition, your mother in your head, or your old fear, or just your mind spewing more stuff. So how do you tell the difference?

I learned a very simple method that works beautifully for me, often with results that I wasn’t expecting. (When the answers are surprising, I know it’s my intuition, as I’m pretty sure my brain wouldn’t have come up with that suggestion)

  • Sit quietly.
  • Focus on how your body and emotions feel.
  • Pay attention to tight areas. Are you tense? Peaceful? Scared? Confused?
  • Now envision option one.

o   How does your body feel now?

o   Do you feel lighter, or heavier, tense, is there a pain in your neck, are you suddenly exhausted

o   or do you find yourself smiling and energized?

  • Do the same process with your other options… don’t forget; doing nothing, making any changes, is also an option.

o   How do you feel if you stick with the status quo?

o   How do you feel if you make another choice?

  • Do this process for as many options as you have.
  • When you’re done you should have a handle on where your intuition is guiding you.

If you’re still completely baffled, you might want to find a coach or someone you can work with. Coaches don’t tell you what to do, a good coach will help guide you to your own answers and help you learn to trust the process. Often when you take the time to talk about your quandary or various options, just the process of explaining will bring to the forefront what you really want.

I encourage you to try this process. When you’re doing the envisioning part, let yourself go, don’t stop at the safe, easy answer that you know you can achieve. Instead, take it up a notch and go just a bit (or a lot) outside your comfort zone. Make this a year to remember.


For more info on using some of these techniques check out suggestions from Mike Dooley

Are you having difficulty visualizing? Do you feel overwhelmed and just can’t get clear? If you don’t have a Shield, we highly recommend that you get one now. the Shield will help you to be more focused, and you won’t be pulled down by everyone else’s fear and negative emotions. Read how the BioElectric Shield can assist you in stepping out of the fear.

You may not know this, but I AnnaMariah (formerly Carolyn) works deeply with the energy of gemstones and seeing how they can work together with the energy of the wearer to bring more empowerment into their lives. I have created a line of beaded chains that can be worn with the Shield. I also make regular necklaces, some are listed on my website, but I have many more that haven’t made it online yet. If you’re interested in seeing what else I have, or in having something created for you, email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Smoky quartz and black onyx are an especially good choice for our chaotic times.

Smoky quartz is grounding, removes negativity, helps with the manifestation of dreams and inspirations, and enhances organization (and that’s just for a start).

Black onyx brings increases inner strength, focused attention, willpower, discipline, and wise decision making. If you are trying to break undesiraFocused Manifestation beaded chainble patterns or habits, onyx is a great stone. Undesirable habits create disharmony, and onyx helps you become balanced and let go of that disharmony, raising your energy level so you become aware of these limits and see where you are out of control. Onyx then gives you the strength to recognize this and take positive actions.

But the magic really happens when they are brought together. They merge into an energy that is much more powerful than either stone together.

Shown here is beaded chain Focused Manifestation in Silver (also available with gold)





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