Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Getting Personal Clarity

Highly Sensitive People - Empaths, Stress Vs Empowerment

Do you sometimes find it difficult to be clear on what YOU want to do?

What if I told you, it may not be your fault?

Decisions GettingPersonalClarityWhen you try to focus do you tend to “hear” other people’s voices telling you what you can’t do, or that they need you to do something else, or they’re afraid you’ll fail? Sometimes we hear the voice of our parents – not their actual voice, but a message we learned as children, Or it could be some value we learned from a friend or a boss. Those are just a few of the possible ways we can be influenced by other people in our lives. Making it nearly impossible to get the personal clarity we need.

OR if you are discussing a decision with a friend, they will offer you an opinion. Normally they mean well. Sometimes they just want to protect you and make sure you don’t do something that you’ll fail at. Other times they want or need you to stay exactly as they are so their lives don’t change. I hate to say this but it’s true, sometimes they don’t want you to succeed. This may be because they’re in a competition, or possibly they fear that if you break out of the mold, you’ll leave them behind. They may not even be aware of their reasons for discouraging you. Sometimes they don’t say a word, but you feel them pulling you down.

Have you ever changed something in your life and had friends and loved ones keep telling you, “This just isn’t you?” They’re having a difficult time shifting their perspective of you, and that’s understandable, change is hard. This constant commentary can cause you to doubt yourself. The other side of this is that there is an energy/frequency attached to these comments that tend to make you almost want to pull back into your old pattern or box.

Almost everyone is affected by some of the people in their lives, especially loved ones. If you’re a Highly Sensitive person, life can be even more challenging to get personal clarity. Maybe You’re Not Crazy, maybe you’re just a highly sensitive person

happy-confident-womanWhat would your life be like if you were able to hear their comments, but not be impacted by the energy of their fears, desires, and needs? Chances are you’ll feel a lot more free and clear in making decisions because you’ll finally be able to feel what YOU want, just you, no one else. What a liberating, freeing experience.

How can you get that personal clarity without running away to a deserted island?

Wear a Shield. The Shield will deflect other people’s needs, desires, and fears, leaving you beautifully clear and focused. With personal clarity you can then choose to make a decision based on your own thoughts and heart’s desire. You have taken the direction of your life back into your own hands! Some people call that personal clarity and personal power.

We call it “living your own dreams!”

If you don’t have a Shield, order today and go confidently into your new life.

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Do You Feel Fragmented or at Odds with Yourself when You Must Choose?

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