How Can A Smile Help You Live Longer?

Stress Vs Empowerment

Smiling `can add years to your life`

smilingwomanThe wider you grin and the deeper your laughter lines are, the more likely you are to live longer, say researchers.

According to a new study, which studied 230 pictures of major league baseball players printed in the 1952 baseball register, broader smiles and wrinkles around eyes point to a positive outlook on life, implying better long-term health.

Each picture came with a listing of the player`s vital statistics, including age, weight, height, and marital status.

Then, in the study, researchers at Wayne University in Michigan, America, ranked players according to their smiles and laughter lines, spanning from none at all, to partial and then those with a full-blown toothy grin and crinkled eyes.

They then compared the chart to the lifespan of each player to reach their conclusions, reports The Telegraph.

Out of the 184 players who had since died, those in the `no smile` section lived an average of 72.9 years while the players in the `partial smile` group lived to around the age of 75.

The ones with the widest grins lived an average of 79.9 years and a full seven more years compared to their dull counterparts.

Text courtesy: ANI

Something as simple as a smile can help you reduce your toxic load. Read more about “Your body burden” and how it can affect you, and some of the simple changes you can make to improve your life.

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