10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Tech Induced Brain Fog

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This video is presented by Virginia Brown and is approximately 50 minutes and covers a lot of topics. Click Read More to view the Table of Contents – by minute in this video.

Table of Video Contents – by the minute:second – in case want to skip straight to our tips!

  • 2:00 What is EMF? Definition
  • 5:00 Where does it come from and 5G Effects
  • 7:20 Do you have mysterious symptoms?
  • 11:20 How EMF affects your body and emotions
  • 20:03 Tip 1 Partner with Nature
  • 21:30 Tip 2 get better Sleep
  • 25:00 Tip 3 control your WiFi
  • 27:00 Tip 4 Use Airplane mode
  • 27:20 Tip 5 keep your Immune system strong
  • 27:50 Tip 6 tip 6 Replace EMF-producing lighting
  • 30:10 Tip 7 practice Safe Cell Phone use
  • 32:00 Tip 8 Opt-out of smart meters
  • 33:10 Tip 9 Reduce dirty electricity in home
  • 37:00 Tip 10 Get personal energy protection
  • 38:30 Protection Priorities
  • 42:0 BioElectric Shield Levels of Protection Explained
  • 45:50 Protection for electronic devices and home



HSP QUIZ – SURPRISING RESULTS! A whopping 52% of those who took our HSP quiz reported that they have hard to explain or mysterious symptoms. If you have mysterious symptoms, they may be related to exposure to energies that are very abrasive to you.




No More Foggy Brain – Unscramble Your Brain Get your Focus Back

Are you suffering from Foggy Brain Like Your Brain is Scrambled?   Is it difficult to think clearly lately? Do you know that feeling when you’re trying to figure out something and it’s just not making sense?

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