Is Your Energy Being Drained by EMF or Other People? 

Invisible energy drains from EMF include your WiFi, Smart Phone, Tablets, Computers, technology. Other people's energy, even if they are strangers, can suck your energy dry!

When your energy is drained by outside forces, you have less energy to live YOUR DREAMS!

Read the latest in HSP and EMF Research and protection tips. To get protection now, visit our Buyer's Guide or our All Products page.

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A monthly "reader's digest" of a critical EMF News and Safety Tips plus Special Subscriber only Sales. Subscribe now...

current emf research for emf protection

Important EMF Protection and Research News - Autism, BioInitiative Report, Cancer, Lyme, Mobile Phone Safety. Read more...

wifi safety tips

Reseach on EMR exposure from mobile phones. Cell Phone Safety Tip Guide. Read more...

emf protection for children

Current research shows EMF exposure at any age can produce serious health consequences including Lyme and Autism. Read more.... Read more...

HSP and emf protection

If you pick up on the energy of others without trying, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person, or empath. Read how to be protected...

Reduce Overall Toxic Load from EMF

What factors add to your body burden and stress? News you can use to feel better. Read about solutions... 

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Energy Protection

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  3. Reduce EMF in your home

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  • Increased focus
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