How to Test Your Harapad 

The other day I viewed a video on YouTube that said the Harapd wasn't deflecting EMF. I wrote the owner of the Harapad Company to find out why a person could get a reading on a meter like this. Turns out, the person who posted the video was using the WRONG type of meter! I know the Harapads work so this made complete sense to me. If you want to test your Harapad, please follow these instructions.

Instructions from Engineers at Harapad - How to properly test EMF reduction using the Harapad

1.  Be sure you are using the right type of meter, with the correct setting.  For example, if you're testing a laptop you will want to use an AC gauss meter, but if you're testing WIFI from a wireless router you'll want to use an RF meter.  These 2 different meters test VERY different frequencies.  With an AC gauss meter, you'll need to be certain that you're using a tri-field meter, otherwise you will have to take 3 different readings to get the accurate result.  A cell phone even requires a certain type of RF meter that is even more specialized.

2.  Always keep the meter stationary while testing.  If the meter is moving, the results are meaningless.

3.  Test the correct area of the device.  For example, with a laptop computer, you'll want to test the bottom of the laptop where it would come in contact with your body.  With a cell phone, you'd want to test near the touchscreen because that is the area up against your head while you talk on it.

4.  If you're testing our products (or any EMF protection device) you'll want to test the exact same area with and without the HARApad.  The HARApad will show the same % reduction in all areas, but if you want to calculate the reduction you need to test the same area before /after our product.

Mark Kramer, Engineer, and Owner of Harapad (MIT graduate)

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