Do you have a cat or dog you love? In recent years, more pets have been diagnosed with cancer and other diseases once considered rare for any animal to have. Why take chances with your precious cat or dog? You can protect them with our BioElectric EMF protection Shields for cats, small dogs (under 15 pounds) and larger dogs.


A pet shield will be effective if it is within 20 feet of your dog or cat, but the closer it is, the stronger the protection. The ideal distance is either on your pet, or within 1-2 feet. If your pet is not wearing the pet Shield, you can  place the Shield in your pet's bed, or hang it from a room Shield stand near where they routinely sleep.

Pet Owner Testimonial

" I love my bioelectric shield and so does my dog, Claire! Claire's been wearing hers on her collar without the guard and no problem - it hasn't gotten lost or anything. And it looks so cute on her!! I love the way they work and am already planning on buying more for friends... and someday bumping myself up to the gold."
Christina Kelso Submitted 12-2014

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