EMF Blockers for Cell-Portable Phone, Tablets, Computers, Laptops

Guide to Electromagnetic Radiation Protection for your Electronics

Cell and Mobile Phones Autos, trucks and RV's

Plant Based sprays, headsets, and WaveShields for your Mobile phone.

Portable Phones Fabric, clothing and EMF protection

Plant Based sprays, headsets, and WaveShields for cordless phone radiation protection.

Laptops, Monitors and Desk PC's EMF Hot Spots Electrical Equipment

Plant based EMF sprays, EMF blocker pads, and WaveShields can be placed on your tablets, monitors or computer.

Room Protection Electonics

Pet shields that go on your pet or in a room.

energy protection

Energy Protection

  1. Protect your body
  2. Shield your electronics
  3. Reduce EMF in your home

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  • Increased focus
  • Renewed Energy
  • Less Stressed and Happier

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