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Is your energy being draining by EMF or other people?

Invisible energy drains from EMF include your WiFi, Smart Phone, Tablets, Computers, technology. Other people’s energy, even if they are strangers, can suck your energy dry!

These blogs are geared to inform and provide solutions. Many blogs are also available in podcast form. Visit your favorite category or scroll down this page.

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How To Know If You’re An Empath

Discovering that you’re an empath can help your life make sense. I say that because if you’re like most of us, you’ve gone through years, decades even, trying to figure…
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What is 5g radiation?

The G in 5G stands for the 5th generation. Over the past decades, starting in 1984, we had 2G and then 3G, and finally 4G. Each generation of wireless sent…
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What does being EMF sensitive mean - EHS

What does being EMF sensitive mean?

Being EMF sensitive, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), means your body experiences various symptoms when exposed to EMF radiation. Electrosensitivity is increasing worldwide. You will know if your body is EMF-sensitive…
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Molecular Empath - woman will dark background and moledules

What Does EMF Do To Your Body?

EMF can make your body sick!  EMF can cause fatigue, agitation, difficulty focusing, headaches, anxiety, or a foggy brain. EMF can produce more than 40 symptoms that underlie many conditions…
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Person within a person with energy all around

What is a Lightworker Empath?

What is a Lightworker Empath? A Lightworker empath is a lightworker who identifies as an empath. They are tuned into feelings and energy and have a specific purpose of being…
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Gemstone grouping - photo by AM

What Crystals Protect Empaths?

I get asked this question regularly: What crystals protect empaths? And why do they need protection? We can’t cover it all, but this is my best advice. Empaths need protection…
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Heart & Circle

Do EMF Pendants Really Work?

Do EMF Pendants Really Work? An EMF Pendant shields you from dangerous high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. It does this by reducing or deflecting EMF radiation away from your body. But BEWARE:…
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EMF Blocker

What Is An EMF Blocker?

What Is An EMF Blocker? An EMF blocker is a tool or product that stops or minimizes EMF radiation from causing harmful biological effects. EMF blockers work by neutralizing or…
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Our Favorite HSP and EMF Research & Protection Tips

highly sensitive person and mother
Highly Sensitive People

If you pick up on the energy of others without trying, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person, or empath.

electromagnetic sensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity
Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Current research shows EMF exposure at any age can produce serious health consequences including Lyme and Autism.

Free Photo Analysis & EMF Protection Recommendation

Find out which Shield is right for you – use our Free Photo Analysis process, a unique service that has helped thousands choose wisely.

iphone biohazard
EMF Dangers & Research

Important EMF Protection and Research News – Autism, BioInitiative Report, Cancer, Lyme, Mobile Phone Safety.

radio tower showing multiple communication devices
Electronics & Harmful Radiation

Reseach on EMR exposure from mobile phones. Cell Phone Safety Tip Guide.

sign of stress relief
Health, Stress and Living

What factors add to your body burden and stress? News you can use to feel better.

children in classroom

Research and solutions for focusing and other behavioral challenges.

child cries when tablet is taken away
Children and EMF Protection

Is your child already addicted to their devices? Current research shows EMF exposure at any age can produce serious health consequences including Lyme and Autism.

what is an emf blocker
Product News

Which products will best fit your protection needs for your body, your electronics or your home and office? Different solutions for different applications!

EMF & Personal Energy Protection Products

Are you stressed, fatigued and overloaded? Research has shown that EMF exposure can cause: poor focus, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, reduced immunity and many more symptoms. Other people’s energy can be exhausting too! A Shield Can Change Your Life.

Energy Protection Benefits
  1. Protect your body
  2. Shield your electronics
  3. Reduce EMF in your home

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