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Is your energy being draining by EMF or other people?

Invisible energy drains from EMF include your WiFi, Smart Phone, Tablets, Computers, technology. Other people’s energy, even if they are strangers, can suck your energy dry!

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Car WiFi health and safety issue

Car WiFi, Bluetooth, Hands-free Phones & Music can cause Health & Safety Issues

Health & Safety Issues from WiFi Bluetooth Emergency Services & Hand-free Phones/Music in your car! Your car is a Wifi hotspot if you can talk on your phone or listen to music without touching your phone! Do you get tired when you are driving? It may not just be the long hours on the road...

Who's most at risk risk from EMF

Who’s Most at Risk from EMF Radiation? Children-Pregnant-Elderly

EMF and Wifi is all around you and may be harming your health – are you at risk? Increasing scientific evidence shows that EMF and WiFi may be harming your health. If you’ve been suffering from unexplained stress, aches, pains, stomach problems, or insomnia, then it’s possible EMF

emf protection for cell phones

EMF Protection for Cell Phones

EMF Protection for Cell Phones EMF protection for your cell phone is important because your cell phone constantly emits EMF radiation even when you are not making a call.  You can these use four tips to reduce EMF radiation from your phone. We offer several EMF blocker cell phone products to provid

10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Tech Induced Brain Fog

10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Tech Induced Brain Fog

This video is presented by Virginia Brown and is approximately 50 minutes and covers a lot of topics. Click Read More to view the Table of Contents – by minute in this video.

Can EMF Cause Anxiety

Can EMF Radiation Cause Anxiety?

Can exposure to EMF radiation cause anxiety? EMF radiation from all our technology, gadgets, Wi-Fi, and cell towers can trigger anxiety.  Usually, we assume that if we feel anxious, there must be something in our life that feels unsettled. The fact that for the past two years, everyone has been imp

best emf protection

Best EMF Protection Products

Best EMF Protection Products How do you determine the best EMF products for you?  There are three “best EMF protection” categories to consider: best EMF products to shield your body, best EMF products to shield your electronic devices, and best EMF products to shield spaces and places,

Family in EMF Protection bubble

What is EMF Protection?

What is EMF Protection? EMF protection uses devices or materials that can block or reduce electromagnetic fields or the impact on your body. EMF protection is needed more now than ever as the amount and intensity of electromagnetic radiation sources increases. There are many products available to he

Introvert Extrovert woman with sunglasses on

Introverts – Tips on Using your Introvert Qualities to Empower – Contrary to popular belief you’re not weak

If you’re like most of us who are introverted HSPs and empaths, you’ve spent much of your life feeling like you’d be much better off if you could just become more extroverted. Here are some tips on how to be an empowered introvert.

EMF Blockers for your home

EMF Blockers for Your Home

EMF blockers for your home Some people choose to use an EMF blocker as a way to reduce their exposure to radiation. Others use an EMF blocker as a way to protect their family from the potential health risks of EMFs.

benefits of wearing emf blocker pendant

5 Benefits of Wearing an EMF Blocker Pendant

Benefits of Wearing an EMF Blocker Pendant What are the benefits of wearing an EMF Blocker pendant? You can enjoy better sleep,  more energy, a stronger immune system, and more.

EMF Empaths everything you need to know

EMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know

EMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know How does EMF Affect an Empath or HSP? EMF can affect Empaths or HSPs more than most. If you are an Empath or HSP Highly Sensitive Person, you already know you’re highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others, even places, and your en

stress reduction hacks for teachers

5 Stress Reduction Hacks for Teachers!

5 Stress Reduction Hacks for Teachers Today! Teaching is a stressful job that can lead to depression, emotional issues, and more. To help you manage your stress levels as an educator there are some great tips for reducing the pressure on long days in class. Here are 5 stress-reducing hacks for you!

Our Favorite HSP and EMF Research & Protection Tips

highly sensitive person and mother
Highly Sensitive People

If you pick up on the energy of others without trying, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person, or empath.

electromagnetic sensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity
Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Current research shows EMF exposure at any age can produce serious health consequences including Lyme and Autism.

Free Photo Analysis & EMF Protection Recommendation

Find out which Shield is right for you – use our Free Photo Analysis process, a unique service that has helped thousands choose wisely.

iphone biohazard
EMF Dangers & Research

Important EMF Protection and Research News – Autism, BioInitiative Report, Cancer, Lyme, Mobile Phone Safety.

radio tower showing multiple communication devices
Electronics & Harmful Radiation

Reseach on EMR exposure from mobile phones. Cell Phone Safety Tip Guide.

sign of stress relief
Health, Stress and Living

What factors add to your body burden and stress? News you can use to feel better.

children in classroom

Research and solutions for focusing and other behavioral challenges.

child cries when tablet is taken away
Children and EMF Protection

Is your child already addicted to their devices? Current research shows EMF exposure at any age can produce serious health consequences including Lyme and Autism.

Product News

Which products will best fit your protection needs for your body, your electronics or your home and office? Different solutions for different applications!

EMF & Personal Energy Protection Products

Are you stressed, fatigued and overloaded? Research has shown that EMF exposure can cause: poor focus, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, reduced immunity and many more symptoms. Other people’s energy can be exhausting too! A Shield Can Change Your Life.

Energy Protection Benefits
  1. Protect your body
  2. Shield your electronics
  3. Reduce EMF in your home

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