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Focusing EMF Protection Shields

Do you or your child have an issue with focusing? This Matrix contains all the same gems as the standard Shield matrix PLUS other gems which continually bring your focus back to the task at hand.

Originally designed just for an individual with ADD/AHDH, we now recommend it for anyone who knows they have some difficulty staying calm and focused during everyday activities. This Shield has been extremely helpful to thousands of wearers.

Users report:

  • increased ability to finish the task
  • increased organizational abilities
  • more satisfaction with their productivity
  • Add/Focusing Shields work all over the world (no international matrix required)

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energy protection

Energy Protection

  1. Protect your body
  2. Shield your electronics
  3. Reduce EMF in your home

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  • Increased focus
  • Renewed Energy
  • Less Stressed and Happier

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