Your Energy is Being Stolen by Negative People – Health & Well-Being Series

Learn to say no don't let negative people steal your joyYour energy and vitality are being “stolen” by the constant drain of fear, anger, stress, and unhappiness from negative people.

Toxic vibes from negative people can have devastating effects on your energy, health, and your well-being. It’s time to start saying NO. You’ve most likely been taught to be nice and to try to “rise above” other people’s negativity, anger, and bad moods. It’s simply not that easy. Sometimes you’ve just got to do something about it.

Toxic people can activate your fight-or-flight system, activating your cortisol and overloading your adrenals. (Read more on previous blog posts)

How can other people cause your weight gain?

We’d all like to be able to blame someone else for our weight issues…but this may actually be truer than you know.

Spending time with toxic people who make you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed compromises your adrenals and interferes with your cortisol production.

Cortisol is called both the stress hormone and the weight hormone. Overproduction of cortisol leads to fatigue and muscle weakness.

So what if I’m a little tired?

Don’t just poo-poo your tiredness as being normal, or a product of a busy life. Fatigue has a wide-ranging impact(not the right word) making your life challenging. Exercise is difficult. You’re too tired to have much of a social life. Making helpful life changes seems like too much of a struggle, you just can’t find the energy to be motivated.

A spongy aura is a sign of a weak energy field

When your energy is drained so is your aura (energy field). A healthy aura is vibrant and pretty decent at keeping out negativity. However, people’s stress, adrenal breakdown, and EMF radiation from computers, cell phones, tablets, Wifi, etc all break down the healthy glow of your energy field.

Your aura becomes more permeable which creates a repetitive scenario in which your energy is accepting negative energy from others, whether you want to or not.

Take Back Your Energy – Say NO

  1. Stop being so nice. You don’t have to spend time with negative people who pull you down. If you know someone has that effect on you, make excuses not to be around them.
  2. Learn to say “No” before being so danged nice kills you.
  3. If it’s not a “Yes”, then it’s a “NO”. If just a straight No is difficult, then try saying things like: “I’m sorry this just doesn’t work for me right now; I just can’t fit another thing into my schedule right now; I’ll let you know when I’m available.
  4. Do Not simply put them off and say you’ll let them know if you can make it. Why? Because if you leave it open, then you still have to call them back in order to get out of it. But if you use one of the examples above, you only need to re-connect if you change your mind and want to do it.
  5. Take care of yourself first or you won’t have anything left to give.

Expand your aura in nature

Nature has a calming, healing presence. Take a walk. Sit by a tree or a lake. Play with your kids, cat, dog etc outside.

Simply being outside allows your aura to expand, sluffing off much of the heaviness.

Meditate. Sing. Breathe

These are all ways to shift your energy and your mind. When I’m stressed I take a jewelry break…just the act of preparing the workspace shifts my energy and I almost instantly fall into a state of relaxation and happy anticipation. Do whatever it is that makes you feel more centered and whole.

Take a positivity break

Hang up on that negative person and call that friend who you can always count on to give you a boost. Or just go pet your cat or dog, there’s a lot of healing in that kind of unconditional love.

Get Energy Protection – Wear a BioShield

I’m sure if you’ve been following our blog, you’re expecting this. I’ve personally been wearing a Shield since 1994 because it changed my life and completely shifted my ability to deal with difficult people. (See Video) The Shield protects and balances your energy, deflects other people’s stress and negativity, and reduces the impact of our technology, allowing your energy to recharge and maintain at a much higher, happier level.

How do you Choose Reliable Personal Energy Protection?
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Should you be concerned about EMF?

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