What the World Needs Now Is Love

Girl hugging globe of Earth - the world needs our love Daily practice reduces stress and anxietyWhat the World Needs Now is Love

These are “interesting times” as the old saying/curse goes which means they are also challenging in many ways. Distance, isolation, change, uncertainty, politics, global warming and so many other issues are taking their toll.

You may be finding it harder and harder to keep a positive loving attitude. It takes awareness to keep bringing yourself back to a hopeful, loving space.

Imagine getting up in the morning and reaching for your BioElectric Shield Heart Pendant. As you touch it, you’re reminded of the love in your heart and how much you have to share.

Note: you can do this with your round Shield as well – or if you don’t have a Shield, simply take a moment to do this when your feet touch the floor. I’ve found it’s best to do before starting the day, if I wait, many other things come up and I forget. Plus, it’s a powerful way to set your intent for the coming day.

Powerful Daily Practice Reduces Stress and Anxiety in 5 Minutes

  • Take a moment to feel the love.
  • Send it to yourself first.
  • Allow it to center and ground you.
  • Then send it out to your loved ones, co-workers, your city, your country, and the world.
  • Focus on areas of most concern or interest to you, or where you feel the most need.
  • Imagine your love being received.
  • Can you feel the peace, the warmth, a little hope?
  • If not, it’s okay, with practice you’ll be able to feel it or sense a shift.
  • Take another moment to bring it back into your heart allowing it to warm you.
  • Send gratitude to yourself and all the tiny joys in your life.
  • Throughout your day focus on the positives you encounter, let the negatives pass you by. As you do this, you’ll begin to see and acknowledge what’s right in your world and watch it grow.

Level 3 Bioelectric Shield heart EMF Protection, personal energy protection pendantDo you want a Heart Shield but already have a regular Shield?

Did you know it’s possible to own and wear two Shields: Not at the same time, please.

Some people have their “Regular Shield” but also have a heart Shield for days when they want to feel love or be reminded to share the love they have with the world. You may not want to wear a heart all the time…but it can be a nice change.
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Wearing a BioElectric Shield helps you stay centered, grounded, and focused and it deflects the negative energies away from you, allowing you to feel and share the love more strongly.

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Blog written by AnnaMariah Nau

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