Winter Health and Beauty: Energy from Within

Winter Peace

Winter is a time for hunkering down and going within. It’s no accident that we have rituals for gathering with our families and friends and making resolutions for change. Whether we live where it’s cold, or simply ride the rising and falling dark of the season, it’s a time for grounding and assessment, tracking dreams and discovery from our inner wisdom.

What’s your resolution this winter? Even as we see a brighter future as the year turns, we’re surrounded by temptations to fall back into habits ripe for change. There are two major keys to joyful change:
1. setting a practical, achievable goal
2. and energizing that change with your internal compass.

Most resolutions we make are about becoming more healthy and feeling more beautiful. 

Just for today, in the heart hearth of winter, it’s important to define those ideas on our own terms, and resolve to take the first, concrete steps towards changes that will bring us into alignment body, mind and spirit.

Just for today, one day at a time, in the moment…. That’s how change happens when it comes from a clear inner commitment.  Living in the present, in our own truth, it’s possible to fuel our transformation with the energy and clarity of our soul’s knowledge. When we do, change gives us something better than short-term bikini-fitness, or whatever outside measure we might imagine will bring us love and joy.

As we claim winter’s gift, we claim ourselves. In this new 2014, as you move towards your best self, ask these three questions to make sure you’re on the right track.

  1. In one clear sentence: What is my goal? Why is it important to me?
  2. How will making this change express the health and beauty I carry within me?
  3. What inner resources will help me grow and change this year?

Use your journal, draw and meditate to find these answers from within, energizing your dreams. Winter is the best time to begin.

Did you know that the BioElectric Shield can help you hear your inner voice more clearly?

The reason for this is quite simple really. When you are wearing a BioShield you aren’t being bombarded by all the “static” of everyone else’s thoughts, emotions and fears. The Shield deflects the electromagnetic radiation and negative frequencies that can scramble your energy field and disrupt your inner peace, causing you to feel disconnected from your inner voice.

Start the year off with a clear connection to your own inner voice – practice the techniques above and wear a BioShield.

by Carol Burbank
Guest Blogger


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