WiFi Stops Seed Germination! – EMF & Your Health Series – #8


9th Graders Do Science Experiment – Does Wifi Affect Germinating Seeds?

Five girls In Jutland, Denmark, for a biology experiment, decided to see if they could figure out  why they were having more difficulty concentrating in school since WiFi was installed. They also noticed that they have difficulty sleeping if they keep their mobile phone nearby at night.

Let’s Sprout Seeds

The girls divided up 400 cress seeds and placed them in 12 different seed trays. They placed 6 of those trays in one room, and 6 in another room. They also received the same amount of light and water.
Six of the trays were placed next to two wi-fi routers. These routers broadcast frequencies similar to mobile cell phones.

Do you hold your phone up to your head, ie, right next to your brain, when you speak? After seeing the results, you may change this habit!

The Results

After only 12 days, the results couldn’t have been clearer – or more frightening. The cress seeds next to the router were either stunted, mutated or dead. wifi stops seed germination
The girls were stunned, and the international science community took notice. Thanks to these 9th graders, this research wil be replicated by Olle Johannsson from the Karolinkski Institute in Stockholm along with a professional colleague, Professor Marie-Claire Cammaert at the Universite libre do Bruxelles.
no wifi exposure - seeds grow

What does this mean to you?

If you are concerned about cell phone radiation, we encourage you to get personal EMF protection. To learn more about it, visit our home page and take the EMF Exposure Quiz.

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