WiFi Routers: Convenient or Deadly? What You Need to Know

routers post serious health issues and autism. Wifi router infographic

WiFi Routers: Convenient or Deadly?
What You Need to Know

Wifi routers are getting stronger. Last May a small group of 60 concerned audience members gathered to hear Camilla Rees, founder of Electromagnetichealth.org, discuss the implications of new, more powerful routers. Who is affected? Anyone who allows the new 5GHz to be used in their homes, businesses, libraries, all public buildings, and local schools. 

Industrial Strength Routers

5GHz routers are not stopped by cement or brick. In fact, they are designed to work in schools and college campuses, libraries and many public buildings to provide WiFi everywhere in the building. How can they do this? Higher wattage allows the WiFi network to be used by hundreds of users simultaneously. There is a dark side to the convenience of having WiFi in every nook and cranny of a building.

Dangerous for You?

During the conference, Ms. Rees, laid out a scenario that links Time-Warner, Comcast, Cablevision and other cable suppliers, are populating homes with these new 5GHZ routers. When they are placed in apartment or condo complexes, you get a concentration of radiation 24/7.

Does your home have this kind of router? Do you need something this strong? When I checked to find articles on how to analyze your necessary router strength, the only content readily available was how to strengthen your WiFi signal!

Rise in Health Issues

Electromagnetic radiation and WiFi has been linked increasingly with issues of health and well-being. The resulting effects range from mild to severe. the effects are cumulative and are linked to both the amount and length of exposure you have. By the time our children read adulthood they will also have two decades of saturation with these frequencies

Rise in Autism

The question posed at this meeting was why no one is connecting the rise of autism to the rise of wireless technology? Cell phones, cordless phones, BPS satellites, and cell towers never shut off. When a woman is pregnant, her fetus is being bombarded by radiation. Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine stated there is a correlation between cell phone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children (See the article)

What can you do?

  1. Put EMF Protection in your home. Get a Room Shield to hang in the room where the wifi router is located.
  2. If you have a school-age child, find out if WiFi is being used in the school. If so, consider getting a BioElectric Shield for your child. We have a Level 2 all silver watch-style Shield that can be ordered by calling us. (541-201-8878).
  3. Turn your WiFi off at night by using a simple electronic timer to switch it off in the evening and turn it on in the morning.
  4. Read more about the wide-range of issues that may result.
  5. Continue to read our EMF Tips newsletter – we will continue to publish safety tips on a regular basis!
  6. Take our quiz to see if you need EMF protection.



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