Why Should You Take Steps to Use Your Cell Phone Safely?

Microwave News just posted an article about an article posted in the January 20, 1964 issue of Newsweek titled, “The Mrs. G Effect” about a California housewife, who could hear noises that no one else could hear. An expert concluded that she was converting alternating fields into sound signals “as though she were a radio receiver”.

What seemed totally nuts back then, is much more common place these days. This phenomenon is now known as the microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect.

That brings me to my subject for today – cell phone safety. Most people can use their phone without feeling anything….today. Researchers and health professionals are compiling data showing that the effects are cumulative and just like smoking, asbestos, lead, artificial sweeteners and many other products, the real truth won’t be known until there are huge amounts of people sick or dying and the facts are no longer controversial.

As a society we’ve now passed the ten year mark where cell phone usage became common. The evidence for issues like brain cancer, fatigue, focus problems….and on an on, is continuing to mount up as our long-term exposure adds up. There are increasing numbers of EMF sensitive people, who are actually quite ill from the effects of EMF radiation from our technology.

We talk to people daily who have gone from healthy to EMF sensitive and even extremely ill in a short time after having just one more EMF source added to the mix – a smart phone, a new computer, WiFi, WiMax (city wide WiFi), a cell tower, a smart meter, an electric car etc. One of the big issues with getting to this point is that once your body has reached that tipping point, you tend to become more sensitive not only to EMF, but to other toxins and frequencies around you and getting back to a healthy state takes much longer than if you prevent the problem in the first place. Read more about “The Body Burden” and how it can be harming you.

One of the problems is, you don’t notice the effects the EMF radiation is having as most of the time it’s under your level of awareness. You may be having some issue, but simply not realizing what the cause is. The reason is that the effects build over time with duration and length of time using…in our society we are just now reading the point where many people have used cell phones for 10 or more years, and the problems are mounting. Remember with tobacco, DDT, artificial sweeteners and asbestos were considered safe? This was the same issue…short term usage doesn’t do much damage, but over time the toxins build up.

Taking steps now to decrease your exposure to EMF and your cell phone in general could save you complications down the road.

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Don’t wait until you have problems, do something now to protect yourself and your family.


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