Why are you charging so much for the BioShield? Can’t you make it cheaper?

Before we even begin to explain the pricing, we’d like to say that we are very proud that our Shields are handcrafted – one at a time, with a great deal of skill and intention. They are made in Montana, USA – not China, not India, not South America, not any place other than Montana. We respect work done by other countries, and at the same time, we want you to know that our BioElectric Shield will always be handcrafted by conscious, loving people in rural Montana.

SilverPriceChart11-13I received an email the other day from a woman who lost her Shield. She was upset because she originally paid $140 for her Silver/Brass Shield in 1998 and wanted to purchase a replacement for the same price.

When I explained that the cost of silver had increased, it was clear that she thought we were gouging and increasing prices simply because we could. I knew, of course, that wasn’t the case, but that prompted me to do a little research.

In 1998, silver was running between $4.50 and $6.50 an ounce, today silver is $22* an ounce a 485% increase! In 2011 the price was almost $45 an ounce – nearly 1,000% increase.

If we increased our prices at the same rate that silver increased, the Brass Tab Shield would be over $1,300!

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*(the price of silver varies daily, so although the current price may not exactly match the $22 listed, that was the price the day I did the calculations. I hope you get the general idea, even though exact figures will vary).

*Price as of 11/5/2013

Putting price and value into perspective

How often to you buy vitamins and supplements? How much do you spend on them per month? And then again the next month?

The Shield is a one-time purchase. With a little care, you can wear your Shield for twenty years or more. Let’s see what that comes out to per year at today’s prices.

  • Silver/Brass Shield – $347 – $17.35 per year – 73 cents per month.
  • All Silver polished Shield – $397 – $19.85 per year – 80 cents per month.
  • Satin Silver/Gold Shield – $867 – 43.35 per year – $3.61 a month.
  • 14k Gold Shield – $4,647 – $232.35 per year – $11.62 a month.

The Shields are a bargain at any price – the protection and balancing is simply invaluable for your health and well-being.

Read more about pricing and find out

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Happy ending – Customer emailed back that she’d found the Shield in a pocket and was feeling doubly appreciative of the benefits of wearing the Shield she’d really missed it and felt a difference during the days it was missing. She is also thinking Shields might make great Christmas gifts.

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