What You Need to Know: Three Biggest Sources of EMF

protect children from emf dangers from cell phones

When parents think about the common dangers of the internet age, they think about things like identity theft, child predators, or pornography. But there are hidden dangers lurking all around us as well,  most corporations would prefer we ignored the dangers of EMF.

In order to effectively protect children from the unique dangers of this technological age, one must first begin by understanding exactly how harmful radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can be. Consider this: a recent study showed significant physiological stress in cells after just one and a half years of EMF exposure.

If that type of damage can be done in such a short time, imagine the damage that could be done to your child over an even longer period of exposure. Many people report that short-term EMF exposure can cause negative effects like headaches, irritation, and concentration difficulties at school. The worst part is, these symptoms could be discounted or attributed to something else entirely.

If you’re ready to learn how to protect your child, family, and yourself from EMF, take a moment to educate yourself about the three biggest sources of EMF:

Magnetic Fields
Magnetic fields are everywhere.

They can also emit harmful EMF. Think about motors, refrigerators, home power meters, and electric clocks. They all have magnetic fields surrounding them. As a precaution, always make sure that your phone is at least an inch away from your and your child’s face when you use it, and to make sure that your bedroom is not along the wall of the house with the power meter. When this is impossible to avoid, some parents choose to purchase EMF protection jewelry and EMF shielding fabric to protect children. Click for our Ultimate Cell Phone Safety Guide

Electric Fields
Electric fields often accompany the magnetic, but in a more specific way. Anything that is powered by electricity is likely to emit an electric field, so be very wary of high concentration areas like extension cords, surge protectors, electrical outlets, and other types of wiring.

Just because there is no cord doesn’t mean it’s safe, and in fact, the airborne radio waves caused by cell phones (which emit radiation 24 hours a day), wireless routers, Smart Meters and cell towers emit some of the most powerful and long-term EMF damage. Some experts advise that you never sleep with your cell phone in the same room with you. It should be, at a minimum, three rooms away.

EMF safety is really all about awareness. So now that you know where you can find these harmful fields, you can better protect yourself, your children, and your family.

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