What You Need to Know About the Dangers of EMF

Dangers of EMF block emf with protection deviceIn recent years, a new illness called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) had been making headlines. With more people suffering from the condition every year, the fight to have it recognized by the World Health Organization is getting more hopeful. Recent court cases decided around the world in favor of those suffering from EHS has given the condition more recognition and legitimacy. Read on for what you need to know about EHS.

What is EMF?
EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are the radiation levels emitted from most pieces of technology. This goes especially for technology that relies on wireless signals, such as laptops and cell phones. The reason it’s become such a hot-button issue in recent years is because of the spread of technology. Cell towers are now being set up within communities, often on the campuses of pre-school, church day-care, and schools. Young children attending events or school on those campuses are being exposed to 1,000 times higher radio frequency (RF) levels than they were 20 to 25 years ago. We need to protect children, which is why the movement is becoming stronger.

Why is it so dangerous?
A study done in 2012 found that just four hours of laptop radiation resulted in decreased sperm viability. Other studies have found other health issues specifically linked to laptop and cell phone use. In fact, in 2007, researchers found that the existing safety limits for EMF were not enough to protect the public, and that new, biologically-based public safety limits were needed more than five years ago.

What can I do to protect myself?
Electromagnetic sensitivity can be prevented and helped through the use of laptop radiation blockers or cell phone radiation blockers. These devices block the radiation and protect you from EMF dangers that could potentially harm you.

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