What Utility Companies Hide about Smart Meters

bank-of-smart-meters-for-apt_400Smart Meters: The Utility Company Sales Pitch

If you have called your utility company about your Smart Meter, they will reassure you that data is only collected a few times per day. When asked if Smart Meters transmit RF (radio frequency) signals constantly, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) told customers that they just transmit intermittently. In fact, in their FAQ’s, they stated the signal only lasted 2 to 20 milliseconds, totaling only 45 seconds a day for each meter. The rest of the time the meter is silent.

Is that really true? 45 seconds isn’t much. And is the meter really just sitting there doing nothing, right?

How Often Do Smart Meters Really Send Signals?

Thank-goodness for judges that want to actually get the truth. We read an article that reveals the real answer. Apparently, PG&E is sending an average of 10,000 RF pulses per hour, and up to 190,000 per day. The majority of the signals are something called “mesh network maintenance.” Not only that, the signal strength is 250% higher than what they stated in their FAQ’s. Two other companies reported similar data, so it’s not just PG&E who is transmitting from your Smart meter. Only 6 pulses of that total are to read your meter data.

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No More Foggy Brain.

No More Foggy Brain.

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