Level 1 BioElectric EMF Blocker Shield

Wearing a Level 1 Shield – Is it right for you?

Why do people order a Level 1 Shield for personal use?

  • Most people buy a Level 1 Shield for the price
  • They want to “try out” the Shield to see if it works

Trying out the Level 1 Shield to “see if it works”.  Is this a good idea?

  • If you are sensitive to energy or work in front of a computer for hours at a time, trying out a Level 1 Shield to see if it works is the same as wearing a rain jacket in a blizzard.
  • It WILL keep moisture off you, but won’t completely protect you if you are asking it to do the job the higher Level Shields perform.
  • You won’t get a real experience of the difference a Shield can make for you.
  • UPGRADING: If money is the issue, then the Level 1 Shield is absolutely better than no Shield – Ideally, though, we like everyone to start off with a Level 2 Shield. If Level 1 is all that can fit the budget, then we recommend that you consider upgrading within 6 months.


How much time do you spend using electronics – smartphones, tablets, computers?

  • If your electronic time is less than an hour a day, a Level 1 Shield is perfect for you only if you don’t live in a city, have a smart meter, and don’t have high-tension lines or cell towers near you. (Note: if you have your cell phone within 2 feet of you, even if you’re not using it, it counts as electronic time)
  • If it’s under 6 hours, but more than 1 hour, we recommend a Level 2 Shield.

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Empath?

  • If you are an HSP, a Level 1 Shield should only be considered a “starter” Shield until you can upgrade to a Level 2, and eventually to a Level 3.
  • Because you are sensitive to energy, the Level 1 Shield may not feel as “smooth” as the higher level Shield.
  • If you pick up on others energy or have more than 6 hours of screen time, the stronger Level 3 Shield will offer you the protection you need to function much better in your daily life.

Do you have Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

  • If you have EMS, a Level 1 Shield should only be considered a “starter” Shield until you can upgrade to a Level 2, and eventually to a Level 3.
  • Your nervous system is just not equipped to handle the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation we are currently exposed to – everywhere!

How do you find out which Shield is right for you?

Click Here To take our EMF Sensitivity Quiz. Your answers will be used to make a specific Shield recommendation for you.

Click Here For a completely personalized suggestion, take advantage of our free photo analysis service.

Upgrade Special – If you bought a Level 1 Shield for personal use

  • If you upgrade your Shield within 6 months, we’ll give you 15% off the new Shield And only charge you a $15 upgrade fee.
  • We make upgrading really simple.
    • Call our business office (541-727-7322)
    • We create an invoice for the new Shield and give you credit for your original Shield as if you’ve already returned it.
    • When you get the new upgraded Shield, you then return your Level 1 Shield – that way you aren’t without a Shield at all.
    • OR order online –  Use coupon Code Upgrade15 at check out – then we’ll credit your original purchase less the $15 upgrade fee.
    • OR Order a Higher Level Shield and keep your current Shield as a Room Shield – you still get the 15% off.


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