Complete Body Protection from EMF and other dangerous frequencies – EMF Series #13

Get full body energy protection with a BioElectric Shield

If you block cell phone radiation are you protecting your body?

Our answer has to be, it depends!

Individual products like Aulterra and Aegis spray products do an excellent job handling the localized EMF radiation that comes from carrying or speaking on your cell phone. However, EMF radiation comes from many more sources than just your cell phone. WiFi allows the signal to get to your phone and the phone protection products are not stopping the WiFi radiation in the atmosphere from affecting your body!

What’s the difference between cell phone protection and protecting your body?

It’s well and good to place stickers or use sprays to reduce or even stop radiation from specific devices, but we’re all swimming in an OCEAN of electromagnetic radiation. Our entire environment is one big WiFi body of frequencies that invisibly penetrate our cells each and every day. Unless we are ElectroSensitive (ES), we don’t even know it’s happening.

What Patients Learned in Montana

The EMF radiation issue reminds me of patients who used to walk into our Billings, Montana Pain and Allergy Clinic back in the 1990s. The rancher would say something like, “Doc, I don’t know what to tell you. I leaned over to tie my boot lace and my whole back just went out.” Dr. Brown would then have to explain that “backs don’t go out” by just leaning over.

“Your back issues are probably years in the making and today you just stepped over the limit of what was ok with your back”. The next question was usually “can you fix it today?”. And the answer was, “I can help you today but something that took years to develop will need more than one treatment to get back to normal!”

How bad backs relate to EMF radiation

Like your back, the rest of your body can tolerate stresses to the immune system for a while before they react. However, electromagnetic radiation exposure is cumulative. At some point, your body may have just stepped over what it can handle, just like that rancher. At that point, you may experience one or more symptoms.

  • headaches
  • sleep issues
  • anxiety
  • heart palpitations
  • tinnitus, ear pain
  • difficulty focusing
  • memory issues
  • nervous system and hormonal disturbances
  • an immune system disease

What we want for you

We really don’t want this to happen to you! Here at the BioElectric Shield people, we love people right from the start. We know we are all being exposed to varying degrees of radiation. We know some people are more sensitive than others. And we know an ounce of prevention really may be more important than a pound of cure.

After 29 years and thousands of customers later, we have come to some conclusions about how to avoid electromagnetic sensitivity or illness from EMF and other people’s energy.

The Conclusions

First – Well, first, if you ignore the EMF radiation that is all around you, you may wake up some day not feeling well, and NOT knowing why.
We’d like to invite you to take a quiz to find out what level of PERSONAL BODY PROTECTION you need based on your exposure and reaction to EMF radiation and other people’s energy.

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Second – All the research points to a cumulative exposure risk factor. The more you’re exposed, the greater the likelihood that you’re making your body vulnerable to sickness or disease. We’re not saying this to pressure you to get full body protection. We’re sharing what we’ve learned from thousands of customers. So many of them were fine until, one day, they weren’t fine anymore. And once they became sensitive, there was no going back.

Third – Getting full body protection is the first priority. It’s fine to have protection at home, but everyone goes out into the world to travel, shop, meet friends. When you’re out there, you’re being exposed to EMF radiation that is more than a million times what people were exposed to even 40 years ago.

Fourth – Educate yourself as to what you can do to lower your EMF radiation profile.

Visit our Quick Guide to EMF and Personal Energy Protection

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