Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart – Smart Meter Series #2

EKG showing affect of smart meter on human heart

Smart Meter Series – Message 2

What happens to your Heart when a Smart Meter is close by?

Warren Woodward asked that question and set up a live EKG demonstration and video taped it to prove what actually happens to a healthy heart when “hit” with the signal from the Smart Meter.

Using a laptop that was connected to a high-frequency analyzer, he shows a series of regular wave patterns indicating a steady heartbeat.

Another device in the room was recording the electrical signals coming into the room.

When the device picked up a microwave signal from the Smart meter, the heart reacted right after that frequency entered the room.

Watch as the lovely, even EKG heart rhythm gets interrupted, dips, spike up and then wobbles around until for a while before it goes back to a normal heartbeat.

Video proves Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart

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Doctor Warns Us…

The doctor’s opinion is that the microwaves coming from the Smart Meters are hard on the heart, even for a healthy person. Note: the demonstration is by a man who has no known history of heart disease or problems, and yet his heart rhythm was immediately affected.

If you have a stent or a pacemaker, this could create a serious problem for you.

Do the Utilities Know Smart Meters are Hazardous to our Health?

Do we really even need to guess about this? The Smart Meters are a wonderful source of revenue for these companies. The utility companies assure us they are safe. This is simply not true. The only question is now is what will it take to get Smart Meters banned worldwide?

In many cases, you can opt out, but it’s a hassle and often comes with extra expenses. Plus even if you opt out the waves from surrounding Smart Meters are still bombarding you.

Have you heard about the people who are getting really, really sick very shortly after the Smart Meters were installed? Or about the stealth installation of these meters? The utility companies don’t seem to have to tell you they are putting in a new meter. They just do it.

Did you know that many people sleep close to these Smart Meters? The utility company puts the meter wherever it is convenient for them and often that just happens to be on the other side of your bedroom wall. Many people in apartments or condos have an entire bank of meters next to their bedrooms.

Protection from Smart Meters

There are a number of ways to protect yourself from Smart Meters. We recommend
a multi-layered approach.

Step one is full-body protection.

Step two get a Room Shield immediately and hang it in a room that is on the other side of the wall from where the Smart Meter is installed. (Note: a Room Shield is a good idea even if you don’t have a smart meter and you can get a stand with it that makes it easy to move into the living room or office during the day.)

Why Protection During Sleep Matters

When you sleep, your body enters into a “rest and repair” mode. It can’t do that if it is being bombarded by a Smart Meter pulse every few seconds.

If you haven’t purchased a personal BioElectric Shield, we then recommend you put 2 Room Shields in your bedroom to help combat these strong waves. We hope, however, you’ll get a Shield that you can wear as it protects you every where you go….even if you don’t have a Smart Meter, it’s almost impossible to avoid being around them at least part of the time.

If you’re really sensitive or concerned about the long-term impact, you might consider additional solutions that involve spraying windows and painting one wall in your bedroom.

Please give us a call and we’ll help walk you through how to best protect yourself.

Watch the video

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