Top Ten Life Hacks for HSPs and the Rest of Us – HSP Series #3

You don’t have to be an HSP (highly sensitive person) or Empath to find useful information in this post.

Do you have times where life just seems difficult or overwhelming?

We all have times in our lives where things feel difficult, chaotic or overwhelming. Life seems harder, you tend to be more affected by the people, circumstances, and energies around you. Even if you wouldn’t normally describe yourself as sensitive, you may find yourself feeling unusually triggered or unable to cope.

These tips may help during those times and during the Holidays

The Holidays are a time when you may be struggling to maintain your normal balance and calm. Some of these tips may come in handy now and at other times when you’re under additional stress. There is often too much to do, too many expectations,  and other emotional ups and downs that may come up at this time of year.

You may be feeling emotions more strongly, and have thoughts, feelings, and sensations that you just can’t explain. In the course of a day you may swing wildly from happy, to sad, to fearful and back up (hopefully) to feeling good?

What’s going on?

Chances are you are reacting to energy and emotions from people, places and things around you. This can happen during high-stress times, even if you aren’t normally affected in this way.

If this sounds like your normal life, you are most likely an HSP (highly sensitive person. Elaine Aaron who has pioneered research into this area of sensitivity, says 20% of the world’s population are highly sensitive people!

Here are my top ten tips or “life hacks”.

Please share this post with the people in your life who are struggling. The more who practicing self-care in this way, the less stress there will be around us. We all win.

Our goal is to help you live your life as fully and healthily as possible. We’re making a difference one person, one Shield at a time.

 AnnaMariah, Empath, operations manager

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