Tips for Kids in a WiFi Classroom – Back to School Series – #4

Photo of kids in class with laptops and cellphonesParents and teachers, be alert for any changes in your child’s ability to pay attention, learn and enjoy going to school. If there wasn’t resistance to going to school, but there is now, it may be that your child is sensitive to too much radiation from WiFi and electronic devices. Many schools, worldwide, now have children working on tablets or computers in their classrooms and evidence is piling up showing links with multiple issues and symptoms.

Symptoms Associated with EMF Sensitivity

Anyone, child or adult, who is sensitive to EMF Radiation will show certain symptoms. A new term has emerged over the past several years to define this sensitivity: it’s called EHS, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Common symptoms include:

  • headaches
  • difficulty focusing
  • memory issues
  • feeling like you have the flu
  • severe fatigue
  • poor sleep at night
  • high susceptibility to infection
  • ringing in the ears
  • difficulty thinking

More symptoms include:

  • anxiety and tension
  • nausea
  • mood swings
  • depression
  • inability to heal from a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection

Steps to Take if You Suspect Your Child (or you, as their teacher) has EHS

Get evaluated

  • We offer a free photo analysis process that involves you filling out a questionnaire and sending in a photo. Our consultants are part of a family line of individuals who have a different eye structure which allows them to evaluate your energy and then make a recommendation based on your exposure levels (which you answer in the questionnaire.)
  • Want a quick recommendation? You can take the EMF Exposure Quiz on behalf of your child and see what we recommend.
  • Call our pediatric Occupational Therapist, Virginia Brown, and discuss your child. (You’ll want to start with the Photo Analysis process for a more complete discussion)

Reduce Exposure

  • At night, if you have a WiFi router, put it on an electronic timer so that it goes off when you go to bed and only comes on in the morning. Brain and body development occurs when your child is sleeping, so it’s particularly important to protect them as they sleep. For adults and children, rest and repair occurs during sleep, so having the WiFi off all night is ideal.
  • Use a Room Shield to protect bedrooms from EMF radiation from Smart Meters and other sources of EMF radiation that enter your home even when your WiFi is off.
  • If you suspect they are EHS, first get them evaluated. And then take steps to reduce exposure. A BioElectric Shield, especially the wristband style is ideal for children. You can also use a special fabric rinse to make their clothes deflect EMF radiation. The only issue is that each time you wash the clothing you have to add the product in the final rinse water. (It’s easier to wear a Shield).
  • Make sure they get outside, away from WiFi, every day.

Get Personal Energy Protection and Balance – Order a BioElectric Shield today!Order Shield - double photo L2 and L3

  • Full Body Protection is needed for anyone with EHS. After you either take the EMF Quiz or the Free Photo Analysis, you’ll be given a recommendation for full-body protection. The Shield is an applied physics technology that will wrap a protective cocoon of energy around your child, deflecting and refracting EMF radiation. Because the owner was a pediatric Occupational Therapist who specialized in Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorders, the product selection also includes special matrixes that not only protect from EMF radiation but also address ADD/ADHD issues as well as ASD issues.
  • Put protection on cellphones and tablets (see below)

Talking to the School

  • Not all teachers or principles are aware that WiFi and EMF radiation from phones and tablets can make some people sick. If you suspect your child has an issue with exposure to EMF radiation, my first suggestion is to visit his teacher. Ask her if she has noticed any change in your child’s behavior pre and post WiFi? Ask about common issues like focusing problems, anxiety, distractibility and issues of fatigue or inattention. She may be a valuable resource for you – and you for her. When a teacher understands these issues stem from circumstances, not behavior, they view the situation very differently.
  • You may wish to mention that our company is run by a pediatric Occupational Therapist with 28 years of experience with EMF radiation issues.
  • If they are interested, they can come to our site and read over our blog. For a medical research site,, can’t be beaten. This site is filled with specific research studies as well as a summary of 1800 studies done worldwide and reviewed by 29 MD, PhD’s and other experts in the field. EMF radiation symptoms are not a case of “it’s all in your head”, i.e., you’re crazy. In the past month (Agust, 2019), the World Health Organization created a diagnostic category for health issues caused by radiofrequency waves. In translation, this means both thermal and non-thermal energy is now recognized as a source of many health issues.

General Protection Strategies for ALL Children in WiFi Classrooms

EMF Protection for Devices

  • If your child carries a cellphone, make sure you have an anti-radiation EMF neutralizer on it.
  • They should carry their cellphone in the SYB Pouch, which blocks 99.9% of the radiation when the phone is in the case.
  • The SYB pouch also comes with optional radiation-free earbuds, thus keeping the radiation away from your child’s brain while they talk on their phone.
  • Work with your child to keep the phone away from their head – either by texting or using their speakerphone
  • Use an EMF Radiation protection case for their tablet.

Cellphone Safety Tips

  • Keep cellphones in airplane mode
  • Use the SYB radiation free headphones – they will plug into a laptop
  • no cell phones after dinner – the blue light interferes with getting to sleep easily

After school – evening weekend – activities

  • Ask your child how they felt both in the morning and in the afternoon? If they are EHS, they will feel worse as the day wears on
  • Ask if they feel better outside (away from the WiFi) and inside the classrooms?
  • If they start having physical issues and asking to stay home from school, this is the equivalent of several red flags going up. If this is the case, the free photo analysis can help you determine why this is occurring.
  • In nice weather, being outside allows a person’s energy field to expand.
  • Taking your dog for a walk will get everyone off their screens for a while
  • An old-fashioned board game is a great alternative to computer games
  • Set a “stop” time for phones and laptops
  • Follow the reduce exposure tips, especially regarding the WiFi Router

Take-Away for Parents

EMF radiation symptoms usually occur when a person’s immune system simply can no longer deal with the amount of radiation exposure they get every day. We are not in the habit of looking at WiFi or electronics as sources of EMF radiation, yet, a growing number of both children and adults are being affected by it. Often, the doctor suggests medication for calming down the child, or perhaps the child now has cancer, so the cancer is treated, but no one considers the trigger for the cancer may be EMF radiation. As parents, we now have to look at the invisible energies that can affect their lives. Technology is wonderful, but the side-effects need to be eliminated or at least minimized, so your child can thrive in school and in life.


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