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Life Affirming Intentions vs New Year’s Resolutions, How do you want to say Yes to Life?

There’s a lot this time of year about your New Year’s Resolutions, but think back, how often do you actually stick to those resolutions? Why not?

It could be that you are making resolutions that you think you Should make, not the ones you truly Want to make. That “should” thing can really get you tangled up because it’s not coming from your heart, it’s coming from a sense of guilt, obligation, fear, wanting to fit in, societal pressure…..you fill in the blanks.

If the changes you want to make come from outside of you, it’s no wonder that they don’t stick. They are just another example of how we “try to do the right thing” but it may not be “your right thing”. It may be that it conflicts with something else you want
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