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Is Upgrading Your EMF Protection Right for You?

Upgraded EMF Protection Pendant to Level 4 BioElectric Shield

You are unique! Your exposure and sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR), stress and the stress and fear around us varies widely including how it affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Below are questions that you can ask yourself to decide when a higher level EMF protection BioShield will benefit you.

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Are you nuts? Do you really think I’ll believe it’s a good idea to spend that much money on a Level 3 Shield?

Upgrade your EMF protection to a level 3 or higher Shield to get more energy protection

I’ve heard this exact phrase a number of times…and maybe you’ve said it to yourself. If you’ve been thinking about a Level 3 Shield and having a hard time justifying that investment? I hear you. There are many reasons for starting with a Level 3 Shield or to upgrade from a Level 1 or 2.

I know it’s sometimes hard to get your mind around the idea that spending so much money is a good thing. Let’s talk for a minute about why you might want a Level 3 Shield and why it’s not as crazy as it sounds. We all tend to look at the initial price and gasp and think it just can’t possibly be worth it. Can that little bit of gold really make a difference?

The truth is the gold tabs in the level 3 Shields increase the strength of the Shield and deepen the way it works with your energy field to give you more of what you want a Shield for, and often much more than you expected or dreamed possible. Continue reading