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What do Being too Sensitive, Shy, Introverted, Fearful or even Neurotic Have in Common?

What Does Empath Look Like spong

What does an empath look like you ask? You, me, your mother, your Sister….. (this photo is me, AnnaMariah and my gold Shield is in my bra just in case you’re wondering why you don’t see me wearing it.)

You might be surprised at the answers to the question above.  I’m writing this post and thinking about mothers in particular since Mother’s Day is almost here, but everything in here can apply equally to you at any time of year, whether you are a woman or a man. ( More women tend to be HSP/Empaths so I’m using she here just for brevity)

We all know that woman who just seems to feel every emotion around her; cries whenever someone else does even in a commercial; and who seems to know what everyone around her thinks, feels or needs. Chances are this woman is a Highly Sensitive Person or an Empath.
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I Am Sorry for Seeming Insensitive to Your Loss

I am sorryOh My, I’ve done it again!

It seems that I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth.

I was thinking of my mother who passed away in 2001 and how much I knew a Shield would have helped her when I wrote this subject line for our last email.  “Your mom called, she gave us her wish list. Can you guess what’s on it?”

I was unprepared for the outpouring of anger and outrage from women whose mothers have crossed over, some more than twenty years ago. Some were startled, dismayed or sad. One wrote that it sent her right over the edge and she unsubscribed from the newsletter after sending us several angry emails. It certainly wasn’t my intent to upset or make light of your loss, in fact that was the last thing on my mind.
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