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Let Your Still Small Voice Take the Agony out of Decisions.

Let Your Still Small Voice Take the Agony out of DecisionsDo you agonize over decisions? Do you sometimes feel like there’s a roomful of people shouting in your ear telling you what to do? Does making a choice create a lot of anxiety for you?
There may be some energetic issues getting in your way Click here for more info.

Now let’s talk about what else you can do to find that clarity and make decisions with more ease.

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FOLLOW YOUR BLISS! “New age” good for health and business

Follow Your Bliss


We all want to be ourselves, authentic in the world. It’s part of being a healthy human. But too often, those of us who understand the benefits of alternative healing and mindfulness feel pressured by family and friends who don’t “get it.” Follow your bliss to a healthier life.

Stress Reduction Techniques may even be covered by insurance

It can be frustrating, but we should take comfort in the fact that, more and more, mainstream culture is embracing holistic living. Many insurance policies cover massage, acupuncture and chiropractic healing now. And businesses are embracing meditation and other stress-reducing techniques to support employee health.

Business guru Bill George, faculty member at the Harvard Business School, recently shared his passion for meditation at the Huffington Post.  George, former CEO of Medtronics, is famous for his books about authentic leadership and personal development for business leaders.  Continue reading

Silence erupts like a cacophony of sound.

Silence erupts like a cacophony of sound. You ask, how can that be? Silence is silence, isn’t it?

Stop and listen again, is it really silence. Not for me. When I am in silence I hear so much more than I do with my physical ears. The voices of people, the noise of traffic, the hum of electronics, motors, lawn mowers, garbage trucks, dog yaps all seem to fade away and what I hear is the cacophony of my own inner voice/voices all so happy that I’ve taken some time to be in stillness so that I can finally hear them clearly. I even hear my body saying, “At last, she’s here. She’s listening. How can I get her to understand what’s important for me/us/her?”

Voices bubble up, collide and recede.

I stop, I listen and allow the one that I long to hear to come forth. This is the voice of my soul, the wise voice that knows who I am, why I am, and what I am to do. The voices of my “shoulds” fall away. The voice I still hear that sounds like my mother criticizing, helping, sharing “for my own good” recedes, quiets and finally is silent. The voice of my boss, the voices of the news telling me all that I should be afraid of or angry about, the commercials urging me always to buy more and more so that I will be safe, beautiful, desirable, stylish and smart goes into the hush. I hear only that small quiet voice whispering, “All is well. Love is. I am.” I’m laughing now, I/she/we are singing Neil Diamonds’ song “I Am I Said” and the words touch me deeply.
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