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Complete Body Protection from EMF and other dangerous frequencies – EMF Series #13

Get full body energy protection with a BioElectric Shield

If you block cell phone radiation are you protecting your body?

Our answer has to be, it depends!

Individual products like Aulterra and Aegis spray products do an excellent job handling the localized EMF radiation that comes from carrying or speaking on your cell phone. However, EMF radiation comes from many more sources than just your cell phone. WiFi allows the signal to get to your phone and the phone protection products are not stopping the WiFi radiation in the atmosphere from affecting your body!

What’s the difference between cell phone protection and protecting your body?

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What You Need to Know About Protecting Yourself from Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity Comes from Many Sources Protect Yourself and Your Health

Electricity is such a common utility that most homeowners don’t give it a second thought. But as our dependence on electronic devices has increased over the past few decades, so too has our reliance on electricity itself. And not all currents may be as “clean” as you might expect, dirty electricity surrounds us.

A recent report from Health Impact News, several researchers have found evidence of “dirty” electricity infiltrating our homes and affecting our health. Whether we live in the city or in the country it’s all around us. Power lines and ground currents now encompass much of North America, so no matter how far off the grid you live, you may still experience negative EMF health effects.
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What Dangers Can an EMF Protection Pendant Guard You From?

WhatDangers Can an EMF Protection Pendant Guard you fromMost people know the dangers of radiation by now. What many don’t realize, however, is the danger behind much of the technology common in today’s society. Cell phones, laptops, TVs, and the like emit electromagnetic fields that over time can be very dangerous to our health. This is shown by those who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity.

Those who are affected by ES often have headaches, heart palpitations, skin conditions, and more just by being around those devices. In fact, just 1.5 years with consistent contact with those devices has shown physiological stress within cells. Continue reading

Erratic Heart Calmed with BioElectric Shield

Erratic Heart - ekgI just got off the phone with a woman in Canada who has been suffering extreme heart palpitations for the last 11 years. She’s been to countless doctors, tried drugs, meditation, homeopathic remedies and many other things in an effort to bring her erratic heart back in line – all with no results. Until now…
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